Discussion Thread for: Heartland Owners Club Contact Information


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Please use this thread to discuss Contact Information for the Heartland Owners Club.

Please do not use this thread to discussion other matter.



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Hello everyone,

Today, I created a new sub-forum under the Heartland Owners Club, called Heartland Owners Club Contact Information. In that sub-forum I have created a few New Threads. One is this discussion thread that you may use to give me feedback on the Club Contact Information effort.

Two more New Threads here are:

  1. Single Point of Contact and
  2. Contact Phone Number
Single Point of Contact
For now, the single point of contact for the Heartland Owners Club is me. Sometime in the future, I plan to add a Club Manager and split off some Club responsibilities. At that time, the Club Manager will be the single point of contact for Club Members and Prospective Club Members with all questions, comments and issues concerning the Club as it relates to joining the Club, managing your Club information and dealing with issues pertaining to your Club membership.

Contact Phone Number
We have established a Heartland Owners Club phone number. The number (336-44-MYHOC) is a Google Voice number. This is of little consequence to the caller but gives the Club some needed flexibility for coverage. For now, the Club phone number will be answer by me. Here again, sometime in the future, this responsibility will fall to the Club Manager.


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When you have a job description and responsibilties list please post. I may be interested in such a role.