1. E

    2015 Road Warrior 420

    I’m really interested and want to purchase a 2015 RW 420 soon, but in my online search I cannot find any good reviews. I was hoping to get some honest feedback from any owners about the pros & cons of the unit. Just really hoping for some advice from people who own or have owned one and any...
  2. J

    Discussion Thread for: Heartland Owners Club Contact Information

    Please use this thread to discuss Contact Information for the Heartland Owners Club. Please do not use this thread to discussion other matter. Jim
  3. J

    Contact Person for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a single point of contact for the Heartland Owners Club. That contact is: Jim Beletti President, Heartland Owners Club You may contact Jim with any questions, comments or issues you may have with the Heartland Owners Club. Click here for a link to the Club Phone Number...
  4. J

    Phone Number for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a phone number for the Heartland Owners Club. That number is: 336-446-9462 or 336-44MYHOC Note: This is not Heartland Customer Service. That number is 877-262-8032 and their email address is service@heartlandrvs.com. You may dial that number directly from anywhere within...
  5. linuxkidd

    Heartland Owners Gallery -> Returned to service

    Hello all, I've updated the Heartland Owners Gallery to function properly again with the new forum software. The link is under the 'Tools' menu item above if you've not been. Thanks, LK
  6. SouthernNights

    Older Landmark owners

    Would someone with one of the original Landmarks post a picture of the mini ball valve water manifolds that came with the trailer. I think they mounted them in the UDC. Please don't go through alot of effort, but I am trying to track down the manufacturer of the manifold. The factory parts...
  7. J

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: WI, Hubertus - 02/21/2010 to 02/21/2010

    1298 Fries Lake Road,Hubertus, WI 53033 Venue: ------------------------------ Fox and Hounds Restaurant and Tavern 1298 Fries Lake Road Hubertus, WI 53033 262-628-1111 http://www.foxandhoundsrestaurant.com/ Details: ------------------------------ From: 02/21/2010 to: 02/21/2010 Brunch...
  8. labbysmom

    Owners club?

    Is there another club that you pay to join? I'm asking as one dealer is giving us a free membership:rolleyes:
  9. J

    2010 International Heartland Owners Rally Discussion

    Registration for the 2010 International Heartland Owners Rally will be as follows: January 4: Club Members (link will be sent via email) February 4: All Heartland Owners (email will be sent to all forum members on Feb4) If you are not yet a Heartland Owners Club member, now is a great time to...
  10. J

    CLUB Menu Improvements

    Hi all, Today, Michael Kidd made some improvements to the CLUB link on the Portal/Forum NavBar (menu). The CLUB menu item now has a drop-down menu. Here's what it looks like: Hope this helps people navigate directly to the aspect of the Club that they seek. Jim
  11. BethinAL

    New 3850 owners beaming ear-to-ear!

    We just picked up our newly ordered 2011 Cyclone 3850 last week and couldn't be happier! We took her out last weekend to a campground close to home (Huntsville, Alabama) just to get the feel of it. This is our second 5th wheel. We decided to upgrade to a toy hauler so we can take our Harley...
  12. 2010augusta

    Owners Forum info cards and handouts.

    Is there a way to get business cards or other handouts to give to owners who are not aware of the forum. I see other owners mention that they hand out cards, but are these provided by the club or forum or just member created stuff. Just wondering.
  13. J

    Rally location ideas - 2012

    Hello all, Do you think it's too early to begin planning a 2012 rally? Not for me :) Our North American Heartland Owners Rally is held "on-the-road" every other year on the even-numbered years. 2012 is no exception. This thread serves two purposes. First, as a long-term reminder to those...
  14. J

    Early discussion - Goshen, Indiana - June 15-19, 2011

    Our North American Heartland Owners Rally is held "back home" in Elkhart county every other year on the odd-numbered years. 2011 is no exception. This thread serves as a long-term reminder to those interested, that the 2011 North American Heartland Owners Rally will be held in the City of...
  15. J

    Happy Birthday Heartland Owners Forum - 5 years old!

    Hey gang, We just celebrated a milestone. The Heartland Owners Forum just turned 5 years old! (cake by Deb Bylinski - thanks Deb!) Yep - it was 5 years ago, October 2004 when myself and another HRV product owner founded the Heartland Owners Forum. We've seen...
  16. D

    3010 general questions for any owners or other cyclone owners

    Hi As most of you all know by now I recently purchased a new 2010 3010 cyclone. I had a few general questions I'd like to ask if you don't mind. 1st - We got a large package of manuals for just about every thing. however I did not see any general manual from heartland. Should I have received...
  17. J

    HOM - Heartland Owners Manuals

    We launched this feature some time back but not with much fan fare. Recently, it has come to our attention that some users have had trouble with the Manuals page. The Heartland Owners Manuals (HOM) page uses a menu system that "requires" Javascript" be active within your web browser. If you...
  18. ziggy

    Oregon owners please sign in!

    I need some better way to get a list of the people who are on the forum from Oregon and visit once in awhile. There are lots who have made a username and never visited the site again and I need an easy way to separate them from the people who are here. I've been using the contacts/friends list...
  19. S

    Silverado 2500HD owners input needed

    I have found a decent tow vehicle that I am interested in. It seems well equipped. It does have 4.10 rear end, which is great for towing but not so good for gas mileage. If you own one of these (gasoline, not diesel) can you let me know what kind of gas mileage you get WITHOUT towing (with...
  20. J

    New bighorn owners

    We are so excited about finally getting our Bighorn 3055. It is so big and nice. Wow! We had a weather delay a week ago. We traveled to Longmont, CO, to make the trade and sign the papers. We drove home to NW Kansas. We were hoping to take it out this weekend, but, supposed to have 5-8...
  21. timdebs

    NC Chapter of Heartland Owners Rally Info Coming Soon

    Good morning everyone, just wanted to update you on the NC Chapter of Heartland Owners. WE are growing currently have 14 families that would like to become members. We are planning a NC Rally in either September or October 2010. There are already 2 rallies planned for the spring; The SC Chapter...
  22. J

    EVENT: RV Show: FL, Tampa* - 1/13/2010 to 1/17/2010

    4800 US Hwy. 301 North,Tampa, FL 33610 Venue: ------------------------------ Florida RV SuperShow 4800 US Hwy. 301 North Tampa, FL 33610 http://www.frvta.org/supershow.asp Pets ok?: Yes - No Fee WiFi available: No Details: ------------------------------ From: 1/13/2010 to: 1/17/2010...
  23. timdebs

    North Carolina Chapter Heartland Owners

    I just sent out a private message (PM) to all the North Carolina Heartland Owners that Heartland has in their data base. If you are a NC Heartland Owner and did not receive a letter then please let me know. I have changed my email address to timfod@gmail.com or you can PM me. A Fall 2010 NC...
  24. P

    3055 owners with Universal Docking Centers

    I have a 09 3055 RL and I am about to winterize for the first time. Can someone help me with these questions? 1. Is there a water filter in this FW and if so where is it? 2. Is there any reason to remove the panel in the basement-behind the universal docking center when I winterize...
  25. Del600

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    3890 C Street,Amana, IA 52203 Venue: ------------------------------ Amana RV Park 3890 C Street Amana, IA 52203 800-471-7616 http://www.amanarvpark.com Pets ok?: Yes - No Fee WiFi available: Yes - Free Details: ------------------------------ From: 10/1/2010 to: 10/03/2010 Number of sites...
  26. creeper

    Bighorn owners attention..

    If you are a Bighorn owner and were traveling on Rt. 95 southbound, at 6pm in the area of Brunswick, GA.. You rubber roof was ballooned up right past the front cap.
  27. L

    New Big Horn 3670 Owners

    We took possesion of our new 2010 Big Horn 3670 over the weekend. We are very excited and love it so far.. This is also the start of our fulltiming lifestyle. Thanks to these boards you all helped us make our decision.
  28. A

    New owners, blowing fuse at campsite?

    It's finally here! Our 2009 Big Country 3490 BHS was delivered on 9-10-09 (this is our first fifth wheel). We love it, it is everything that we hoped it would be. But we have noticed that we keep tripping the fuse in at the site (have a 50 to 30 converter) when we run the AC, lights, and...
  29. J

    New owners in about a week

    Hi, We are Karen and Jerry Vredeveld from Hartford, WI and we just ordered a new 2010 Big Horn, Model #3410RE fiftth wheel camper. We hope to get delivery of the Big Horn by Sept. 15th so we can take it to the Dealer Appreciation Rally (Wagner/Freedom Campfest) at Manitowoc, WI on Sept...
  30. J

    Heartland Owners Club - Flag (3'x5')

    Hey all, I had a 3' x 5' Heartland Owners Club flag made. See the attached images. I have asked Martin Marketing to make up 25 of them for the Club. As soon as they are in stock, I will advise via this thread. The cost will be $59 + shipping. These flags are printed in full color, one-side...
  31. L

    Any '07 BH 3400RL owners out there?

    We just signed on to purchase a used (not Abused) BH3400RL. Just wondering if there is anyone out there with some advice (hopefully not negative) to get us started on the right foot. Found what appears to be a unit that was hardly lived in.
  32. lelandpa

    Owners Manual

    We bought our 2009 Northtrail 24RL used and it did not come with the owners manual. Hopefully we will never need it, but it would be nice to have. Any ideas how I could get one? Thanks.
  33. ann1951

    New owners of a Big Horn

    We bought a 2008 Big Horn in Elkhart at Great Lakes rv center and picking it up Sept 4 .:p:p That will be a 31 hour drive because we live in Alberta Canada on are way back we camp en visit Mt Rushmore are there more interesting things we can,t miss we have 2 weeks to drive back.:D:D:D
  34. TanDumb

    Any Cyclone owners in Hampton Roads?

    OK, so I posted in the prospective owners section earlier about questions for Cyclone owners. Are there any Cyclone owners in the Hampton Roads that would be willing to show it off to me and my husband:rolleyes:? I just dread the 4 hour drive to Danville just to look at them. Mainly because I...
  35. J


    Welcome to the New Jersey Chapter of the Heartland Owners Club. Your chapter leader is: * Deb Bylinski (dbylinski) (profile) The boundaries of this chapter are: Entire state of New Jersey
  36. jimtoo

    Welcome to New Owners and Members

    Hi All, Here we are just South of Loudonville, OH, in the Mohican Adventures Camp grounds... Very nice, but all gravel, kinda skinney sites, but clean and nice people. A Cyclone pulls in,, it is "buckeye-rver" on the forum, Eric and his family to camp with friends for the weekend. He said...
  37. M

    new edge 18 owners

    We just purchased the EDGE 18. Looking for some advice. What/ Where do recommend storing the inside table while traveling. Right now I bungy corded it to the couch. Any better ideas?
  38. Midastouch

    Any 2010 Grand Canyon owners out there?

    I would really like to hear from anyone on the forum who has a 2010 GC ... especially if they have had the original GC in the past like I have now! I noticed alot of Augusta owners and like the unit but seem to be drawn to the GC every time, liking the wide hallway, bed nightstand and larger...
  39. Jim-and-Carolyn

    New Heartland Owners

    Hello everyoneNone My wife and I just purchased a 2010 North Trail TT (Ultra Lite) 31RED and we will be towing it with a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn, 3.9L V-8, 4x2, crew cab with the 1:3.62 rear end. We took it out for it's maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago and we love it. We stopped at...
  40. A

    New owners

    New friends the Williams just bought a new BH 3055, I told them about the forum and all the nice people. Lets all give them a welcome aboard and Congratulations for making the right choice.