1. W

    Elkridge wall repair.

    Hello folks, new to this forum so not sure exactly what forum I should be posting this in, sorry if it's the wrong one. Earlier this year I stepped up from older bumper pull travel trailers (my old one was a 96 terry Fleetwood, so much different haha) to my first 5'er! I knew when I bought it it...
  2. 2

    Dicor Roof

    While doing the annual roof inspection I put my foot on the roof and it stuck. I noticed the cracking and touched the roof. The Dicor material has started to slide off. It’s very sticky and cannot walk without sliding and sticking. Has anyone ever had this happen to their roof? I’ve tried to...
  3. H

    Can I remove this wall?

    2017 Wilderness 2475bh We have a small bedroom wall with a swivel TV and storage. We want to remove the wall. Does anyone know if it is load bearing? *photo from the internets, courtesy of RV Station
  4. S

    Bad leak in 2017 Heartland Pioneer 280RK

    Background: I recently bought a 2017 Pioneer 280RK. Loved the floor plan and how nice the interiors look, got a good price on it as it is aluminum sided and I prefer that over fiberglass and cardboard for something I'm going to keep. A few years back I had lived in an 2006 Coachmen 996BH for 4...
  5. H

    Eureka Yellow Jacket central vac fire

    Does anyone have a Eureka Yellow Jacket Central vacuum that caused fire?�� Ours shorted out causing a fire and burnt our wiring harness. (2011 Big Country fifth wheel) I was standing by the camper when I heard it then there was smoke and then flames shooting from the vent beside...
  6. W

    4150 furniture replacement

    I also posted on the FB page. I need to replace the combo recliner-console-corner seat that takes up the 90" street-side slide. Has anyone done this and if so, with what? I've checked CW, PPLMotorhome & Amazon with no luck. Thanks, Todd
  7. P

    Smell in my 2017 Heartland Wilderness

    Just wanted to share my current situation. I’ve had a horrible smell in my trailer for months. I’ve eliminated numerous things at the suggestion of my dealer and from other owners with similar problems. First item replaced was the under the sink air admittance valve. I thought the problem got...
  8. M

    Oxidation Problem

    We have a 2013 Heartland Gateway 3200 RS, had it covered in the winters, and uncovered spring and summer. Last summer we used Meguiars RV Polish twice as we had severe oxidation. Now again this spring we have the oxidation back. We took the RV and had it detailed, the oxidation removed and...
  9. K

    Heartland National Rally-Torklift

    Good Afternoon my fellow friends! The hospitality that was shown towards Torklift this past week was some of the warmest I've seen in any case whether it be the great questions, seminar turn out, breakfast that was brought to the booth or even the chocolate cake that was made! I truly...
  10. C

    2014 Heartland Cyclone 3110 Toy Hauler 5th Wheel - SOLD

    Selling like new 2014 Heartland Cyclone 3110 Toy Hauler 5th Wheel loaded with many upgrades. Photos available here. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/rvs/6136505793.html Everything works great. My needs and requirements have changed so I need to sell. Pink Slip in hand. Never been in any...
  11. A

    Just ordered the 3600, new floorplan this year, what issues can I expect?

    Hey Cyclone owners! I have just today ordered the 3600 model. Dealer says it will be ready in 6 to 7 weeks so I am trying to learn as much as I can before I drive 800 miles to pick it up. I have found the PDI checklist and will definitely be using it. I would like to hear other 3600 owners...
  12. R

    6-Point Leveling Problem

    I have a 2014 Cyclone 4000 with the 6-pont LCI auto-leveling system. The system was working fine just a couple of days ago but now it will not auto-level. Each time I attempt to auto-level the system starts by retracting the front jacks all the day and then it makes a few brief noises as if...
  13. dreamer

    iRV34 Radio Problem

    I have a new Sundance. Problems with radio. How do I turn on the backlighting for the clock on when the clock/radio is turned off? I should be able to see the time even though the radio isn't going. The manual advice to reset the radio settings by pressing and holding the power button for 5...
  14. T

    Thoughts on 2009 Heartland 22FB

    Hello! I am new to the RV world. I am looking to pickup something used that will help make family camping trip easier. Any thoughts on the 2009 Heartland 22FB? We are going to look at one this evening. What are some things I should be looking out for? Thanks in advance Tyler
  15. M

    REVIEW: My new Gateway 3650BH

    This may be a little early (not enough time for issues to pop up *knocks on wood), but I wanted to post a quick review of our new Gateway 3650BH. We ordered our unit from Couch's RV Nation in Ohio. It took right at 8 weeks for it to be completed. The salesman we dealt with was great, he...
  16. L

    Awning Rolls Up Crooked!

    We have a Landmark... almost from the moment we got it two years ago, the awning rolls up and won't snap into place because the metal arms are "pulled" out of alignment. We brought it back to be fixed once and they said "oh yeah we just tightened it" But now it's to the point that when we put...
  17. R

    Thank you Heartland Owners...

    Hello All!! This is Cade Harris, CEO of RVLock. I asked James if I could use his handle to throw out a quick thank you to all of the Heartland Owners who have our handles and/or have made the switch to our new v4.0 RVLock handle. We have enjoyed the positive feedback that has been given in our...
  18. DW_Gray

    Will they switch for cheaper?

    One of my business philosophy teachers, Seth Godin, answers the question in his blog: "In fact, most people switch for better. Without a doubt, there's a slot in every market for the cheap enough, good enough alternative. But rapid growth and long-term loyalty come from being better instead...
  19. R

    2008 Cyclone - where is the fuel filter for Onan generator

    Hello. New owner. First post. Please forgive me if I posted to the wrong area. I just bought a used 2008 Heartland Cyclone (40 foot triple axle, triple slide). The generator ran perfect for about an hour. Then it started sputtering and will not stay running now. Maybe I had run it too low...
  20. S

    Attachments for Eureka Yellow Jacket Central Vac

    Swear I saw on here previously that some had purchased a power/roller attachment for the Eureka vac. Cannot find that thread again. Just purchased our 2013 Bighorn 3670RL and have difficulties using the vac with the standard floor attachment. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Nathan

    Not Going to lie, pretty dissapointed with Heartland's North Trail product

    After retiring my old Springdale My wife and I purchased a brand new 2012 30QOK travel trailer by North Trail. Since we picked up this trailer we have had nothing but problems. NOT just minor problems but major problems! Luckily, this forum has helped me especially with the Axle sag (bad...
  22. R

    Not a Happy Camper - RW400 Toy Hauler

    First, let me say that Heartland is working with us to correct the problems that are listed below, but in my opinion they should not have existed if there was a better QA program. We purchased a new 2012 Heartland 400RW Toy Hauler Fifth-wheel at the Hershey RV show this year. It arrived in...
  23. P

    Need advice on how to work with Heartland on issue

    Anyone have advice as how to handle my dealings to come with Heartland. I have a 2010 Cyclone 3950. I lost the third axle on my first trip. **** thing just fell off while going down the highway (no body hurt thank God). It caused thousands of dollars in damage but it was all covered by the...
  24. CliffP

    Midwest Camping Group

    I'm starting a group for anyone who has camped in or has interest in camping in the Midwest. This is a public group open to anyone. Please join the group and help us all get more out of our Midwest camping experiences.:D
  25. CliffP

    Checklist for new camper inspection before delivery

    My wife and I purchased a 2012 32BUDS in late November. We asked the dealer to store it for the winter and we're planning on picking it up late March / early April. Our dealer found a big issue while they were moving it to get ready for a snowstorm, called us about it, and sent it back to...
  26. CliffP

    Just wrote the BIG check

    Just wrote out the Big check! Our new North Trail 32BUDS Caliber Edition is officially on order and should reach the dealer December/January. :cool: Feeling pretty cool right now!
  27. P

    Movin' On Up

    My wife and I have been tent trailer campers for almost the past 30 years. Lately, we (or I) have been looking at moving up to a hard sided RV. Last year we looked at quite a few travel trailers in the 18-22 foot category. We were recently on a family camping trip to Newport, Oregon and had...
  28. J

    Discussion Thread for: Heartland Owners Club Contact Information

    Please use this thread to discuss Contact Information for the Heartland Owners Club. Please do not use this thread to discussion other matter. Jim
  29. J

    Contact Person for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a single point of contact for the Heartland Owners Club. That contact is: Jim Beletti President, Heartland Owners Club You may contact Jim with any questions, comments or issues you may have with the Heartland Owners Club. Click here for a link to the Club Phone Number...
  30. J

    Phone Number for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a phone number for the Heartland Owners Club. That number is: 336-446-9462 or 336-44MYHOC Note: This is not Heartland Customer Service. That number is 877-262-8032 and their email address is service@heartlandrvs.com. You may dial that number directly from anywhere within...
  31. DW_Gray

    Oh! Look! Look!

    Amy says; "what?" "what?," as she twists her head left to right trying to figure out where I'm pointing. "Over there, it's a Cyclone!" I can't help it, I always get excited when I see another Cyclone. As we arrived back to the Vandenberg AFB FamCamp tonight there was the new beautiful...
  32. linuxkidd

    Heartland Owners Gallery -> Returned to service

    Hello all, I've updated the Heartland Owners Gallery to function properly again with the new forum software. The link is under the 'Tools' menu item above if you've not been. Thanks, LK
  33. R

    Thank You Heartland

    Just want to thank Jim, Matt and Becky for their hard work! We had several issues with our rig and posted about our frustration in getting resolution. These people stepped up, took over and kept us updated. With Ralph's health issues to deal with daily, their actions helped us more than even...
  34. R

    Thank You Heartland

    Just want to thank Jim, Matt and Becky for their hard work! We had several issues with our rig and posted about our frustration in getting resolution. These people stepped up, took over and kept us updated. With Ralph's health issues to deal with daily, their actions helped us more than even...
  35. R

    New to camping and to Heartland

    Just bought a North Country 30BHS....impressed with the product so far, can't wait for the new camping season. Any comments on the 30BHS? Thanks.
  36. J

    Heartland Acquires Fleetwood Towable Brands

    Heartland Acquires Fleetwood Towable Brands REPRINTED FROM RV BUSINESS February 3, 2010 by RV Business Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC today (Feb. 3) announced the acquisition of the remaining active trademarks of Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.’s towable...
  37. ziggy

    Heartland Mentioned in Newsletter

    I got a copy of the newsletter from Winchester Bay RV Resort yesterday. There is a photo of the caravan to last year's rally and a short writeup. They have been really good to work with both last year and again this year in setting up our rally. They like us! LOL :D Kristy
  38. J

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: WI, Hubertus - 02/21/2010 to 02/21/2010

    1298 Fries Lake Road,Hubertus, WI 53033 Venue: ------------------------------ Fox and Hounds Restaurant and Tavern 1298 Fries Lake Road Hubertus, WI 53033 262-628-1111 http://www.foxandhoundsrestaurant.com/ Details: ------------------------------ From: 02/21/2010 to: 02/21/2010 Brunch...
  39. J

    Exterior Paint Care for your Heartland RV

    Do you have a Heartland RV that has painted exterior surfaces? Want to know what our painting company has to say about maintaining them? Read on. What products are affected: - Any Heartland product ordered/purchased with the Full Body Paint option - Certain Landmarks with Partial Paint What...
  40. W

    No Heartland Dealers at RV Show

    Our first local RV show of the season is in Richmond, VA. I have emailed the 2 dealers closest to Richmond and one said they think that they are being black balled as the Richmond Show had no room for them and the other never answered. I went to the 2nd ones website and on the home page there is...