1. Havasiouxfan

    Fuel tank internal timer

    Just purchased a 2021 Torque 371. On the outside fuel switch it mentions turning on the internal timer before use. Our last trailer had the timer right by the main door, but I cannot find the internal timer inside anywhere? Anyone have any ideas...TIA!
  2. W

    Heartland Fuel 287 with Onan 4000 Watt Genny - Running 2 AC's without a Problem!!!

    I have a friend who is an electician who helped me with this modification/upgrade. I will not get into the particulars of what was bought and how to install unless there is interest. Let me know if there is and I will be happy to outline such. Synopisis: Added a Coleman 9200 Polar Cub in the...
  3. R

    Auxilary fuel tank?

    I have a GMC 3500 D/A with the standard 34 gal. tank. Is there any benefit to adding a RDS 51 gal. auxilary tank in the bed? I plan on several long trips in the next couple of years. Thanks, Ed
  4. M

    Premature generator fuel starving issue

    Hey all, I've got my trailer in the shop to address the water tank issue, and one of the other issues I've had was this: Filled toy/gen tank FULL, went out dry camping for 2 1/2 days. 30 gallon tank. I pumped exactly 10 gallons from the tank to fill up toys. We ran the generator apprx 12-13...
  5. L

    Aux Fuel Tank

    My truck is an 02 F250 7.3 PS - very good truck. The fuel tank is only about 28 gal which don't give me a lot of travel time getting 10 - 11 mpg. I am wanting to add a 30 gal aux fuel tank in the bed of the truck. Has anybody had any experience with these, and if so, what do I need to be...
  6. S

    Ford Diesel Fuel Odor

    I own a 2004 F-250 diesel. Recently have started noticing the smell of fresh diesel fuel. Seems to be worse on cold days. Any idea what might be causing it?
  7. D

    Fuel pump blowing fuses

    When is first bought my 3210 and everytime I started the pump I would get rust color fuel for the first second or two. Now when I turn on the fuel pump at the pump it blows the fuse. I'm guessing it has frozen up. My 5th wheel is in storage can someone tell me who makes the pump and if it can be...
  8. P

    Brand of fuel filter for this diesel

    I want to carry a fuel filter JUST IN CASE but don't like the prices quoted by my GM dealer. I know there is a law saying that GM cannot void my warranty because I do not use Delco but I want a comparable filter at an improved price. Any suggestions?
  9. J

    Diesel fuel availability

    I just took delivery of a new Silverado 2500 with Duramax diesel. It's the first diesel vehicle I've ever owned and I have a few stupid questions about fueling on the road. It requires the new ultra low sulfur diesel. Is that pretty much the only thing being sold in the US and Canada or do...
  10. N

    Fuel Pump Timer

    Looking for a little help her. We haven't had much chance to use our rig much this year but today I went ou to get some fuel from the Fuel system for the lawnmower and it seems the timer isn't working right. After about 15 seconds, not 15 minutes, the timer would automatically shut down the...
  11. bigdob24

    fuel mileage w/ Duramax

    I have a 2006 Chevrolet w/ 6.6 Duramax and Allison Transmission. I am looking at a Sundance 3300 RCB and would like an idea on what to expect with fuel mileage on one of these larger units. Right now I pull a 19' toyhauler and get anything from 9-12 depending which way the wind is blowing :-)...
  12. flamingknitter

    Flex Fuel

    While I was out and about in Sacramento today, I saw E85 Flex Fuel at the Shell station. My daily driver is a 2005 Chevy Avalanche which is supposed to take the Flex Fuel but I have never seen it available before. Has anyone out there tried it? Have you gotten better or worse mileage or...
  13. jpmorgan37

    Diesel Fuel Price

    I got all excited today. I pulled into a Flying J outside of Portland, OR an filled up at $2.02 a gallon. After paying $2.69 in Washington, I thought that I was in paradise. Then they tacked on about 25 cents a gallon "State Road" charge, so my excitement diminished about 12 points. That's a...
  14. P

    Fuel additive for 2007 duramax lbz?????

    Although GM tells us not to use fuel additives for lubricity-most of the people I encounter use it. Whats up with that? I guess that I am unsure of what to do.
  15. B

    plugged fuel filter

    i have a 2007 new style chevy silverado 6.6 litre duramax.at 10080 miles the fuel filter went from 53%lfe to 0 %.took it to the dealer he replaced filter for $134.00 110 miles later and of course on thanksgiving day it went to 0% again!!!!!couldnt pull camper to southern ohio deer hunting,had to...
  16. W

    Diesel fuel prices and winter

    Don't you just know it, when fuel prices drop it will be pretty much too cold for RVing unless one fulltimes in southern climates. Since the DW still works we put the "horn" away for the winter and now fuel prices drop. Usually the prices go up in winter due to the increased need for home...
  17. B

    Generator Fuel Type

    Evening All!, I need to know if I get the generator prep option on a Big Horn, is it the intention of this prep to use LP gas? I want to use gasoline as the fuel, in my research both the 6.5kw as well as the 5.5kw Onan get a little better economy using gasoline verses LP. I've found out that...
  18. O

    Fuel Prices Finally Coming Down

    I stopped in Kountze Tx this afternoon and bought diesel for 3.99 per gallon. It has been running about 4.10 here but finally broke 4 dollar mark. Maybe it will keep falling. Bill