Heartland Fuel 287 with Onan 4000 Watt Genny - Running 2 AC's without a Problem!!!


I have a friend who is an electician who helped me with this modification/upgrade. I will not get into the particulars of what was bought and how to install unless there is interest. Let me know if there is and I will be happy to outline such.

Synopisis: Added a Coleman 9200 Polar Cub in the Master wired to a 20amp breaker on the fuse panel. Installed soft start and delay starts on both the existing and new AC units. Both AC's can now run at the same time on 30 amp shore power or the 4000 watt generator without a problem.
I know this is an old thread but this is exactly what I want to do in our trailer. The wife and I just picked up a 2020 Fuel 287. We love it so far but are considering going on a trip to Arizona and the such and would like to have a second ac in case it is needed. I would like any information that you have from your install.

Thank You