1. R

    16.6 volts to Unity X2 trouble shooting

    I have a 2020 Cyclone 4007 and the Unity X2 controller for everything faulted for excessive voltage. I tested the power to it and sure enough it is getting 16.6. After poking around I disconnected from shore power and it went back to normal. LCI tech support told me to disconnect the solar...
  2. T

    Solar help/general info, please!

    I just purchased a 2020 Heartland Mallard M33. Let me start by saying I'm RV stupid, for the most part. This is my first RV, and the electrical components are where I'm struggling. When not plugged in, I understand it runs off battery, and not all things work. It seems my lights and slides are...
  3. Projectman

    Solar question around charging from Tow Vehicle and Trailer Converter

    I own a 2018 Heartland Mallard 185. I have installed a battery box on the trailer tongue and in the box I installed a LiFePO2 Lithium 100AH battery, a battery disconnect switch and a 75V/15A MPPT controller. I have a Renogy 100W suitcase solar panel and will have it connected to the Trailer’s...
  4. M

    Who has solar/lithium?

    Good afternoon, I have been researching for weeks for a solar and lithium upgrade and finally messaged Battle Born for advice and I am waiting on a response. I have a 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4006 and we will be boondocking for weeks at a time. At first I wasn't going to get but a couple...
  5. C

    Need some Solar Hand holding

    We purchased a new 2020 Heartland Winderness 272SBH (Canadian Model) which is prewired for solar plug-in. It did not come with any information or wiring data for the kit. It does have a plug-in on the front of the camper which I have gotten the plug-in (male) end to wire to a panel. However...
  6. C

    2020 Fuel 250 Solar Prewire question

    I am in the process of installing solar panels on the roof and my unit is prewired for solar. I cut out the controller location where the sticker said to cut on the control panel. I found the wires coming from the battery and verified they are hot. Not sure about the wires from the roof. I...
  7. K

    Solar for trickle charging battery only--how much wattage is needed

    We have a 2015 Landmark Key Largo. It sits in storage for 6 months at a time in AZ so lots of sun. How much wattage should we need to keep the batteries topped off? Would the Harbor Freight 100w panel work and what other accessories (if any) are needed? Can it be connected directly to the...
  8. P

    Solar thru 7pin tow connector

    Solar installation I bought a 2019 Pioneer RG22. It doesn’t have solar prep. And I am not too fond of drilling holes into my new camper. While going thru the documentation and after asking some questions I realized that my tow vehicle charges the house battery. So here is my idea: connect my...
  9. J

    Solar, Inverter and ESS Design for jbeletti's demo coach - feedback?

    Hey all, Most here know I've chosen to downsize my next demo coach. I'm going into a Sundance 262RB travel trailer. We'll be giving up a LOT of space and a built-in generator :( On our travel days, of which we typically have many, we stop to eat lunch "in the RV". We've enjoyed the luxury...
  10. K

    Charging Batteries from Solar ONLY? (2775RB FT Newbie)

    I have a 2019 Wilderness 2775RB and I have just gone full time. I have a newbie question that I am pretty certain has a very simple answer, thus I am about to embarrass myself. Be nice to the new guy! Here goes: I am taking my first baby step toward eventual off-grid living. I just...
  11. OSIN

    2017 Landmark Syracuse with AM Solar 1080W

    We're looking for a used Heartland MPG to tow behind our Jeep for local adventures so we can also stay in the Heartland Family (do you know anyone). We've changed our Main Living rig to a Foretravel Diesel Pusher. That being said our Landmark is for sale. You can view Photos and Extended...
  12. F

    Solar Install on a North Trail 23RBS

    My wife and I are new to the Travel Trailer seen. We recently upgraded from a 2006 Fleetwood Niagara Tent Trailer to this wonderful 2017 North Trails Travel Trailer. The reason for this Thread is to find out if anyone on this website has ever installed Solar. On this specific model and if so...
  13. OSIN

    APB - In search of an Experienced Solar Installer ASAP

    Putting out an APB for anyone, formal company or a side job that has the time to install a pretty extensive system. California/Arizona/Nevada/Oregon Areas. Note, I've called the following companies and they are booked, please don't reply with these guys::D AM Solar Precision Solar Starlight...
  14. R

    Have a solar setup in mind. Thought I'd pass it by my new Heartland family for opinions.

    Hi everyone! I did a search but finding a whole solar setup plan is proving difficult. Picking up our new 3760EL Big Horn tomorrow morning. It currently has the residential refer and the standard 2 12v batteries/inverter/switch that come with that option. We dry camp and the residential refer...
  15. R

    Adding Better Batteries / Possibly Solar

    We recently purchased a new 2015 3570RS 5th wheel and were having issues with the batteries not holding a charge. We have the residential fridge but we did not use the inverter and so that is not adding to the issue. Basically after 2 days on shore power and the RV battery indicator showing...
  16. I

    Still need a generator?

    Hello, Newbie researching Road Warriors, really like the floor plans the garage and porch with the 60" tub/shower! The RW 420 comes with a 5500w LP generator. Is that really needed if I install 12v TV's and 12v appliances with a large deep cycle battery bank and solar panels. I believe the...
  17. S

    Solar Panel Mounting on XLT?

    I would like to install a couple of 100 watt solar panels on my Sundance XLT. I am looking for information from others who have done this sucessfully. What did you use to attach the panels? The factory will not provide information as to location of the roof trusses. I tried a stud finder...
  18. W

    Cyclone 3010 Solar Installation

    Over the past several months, I've been slowly upgrading the electrical system of our Cyclone 3010. First, I added four 6V batteries. Then I added a 2000W inverter. (See also: // and...
  19. S

    Solar wiring?

    I have a 130 watt Kyocera panel I'd like to install on my 3010 travel trailer. Where is the best place to run wire down from the roof? Is the front cap hollow or is there a pre made place to run wire? Need to run 10 gauge down.
  20. H

    Solar Prep??

    Hey All, Is Heartland going to offer a solar prep in their units soon? If not what is everyone doing for roof mount solar? Regards, Hamshog
  21. MystrMagic

    Add Inverter & batteries to 3914... comments?

    Recently bought a new, 2009 model year 3914 and was considering adding solar panels and batteries because I have previous experience with solar systems. However, learned that my tow vehicle actually charges the battery in my 3914 when driving down the road, and the generator charges it at night...
  22. M

    Longterm storage with Solar Panel?

    Hi, We have Solar Panels on our Sundance and they work great (thanks to some helpful hints from this forum). Now we are getting ready to store the 5th wheel for 7 months while we are sailing. Should we disconnect the solar panel and batteries or should we leave the whole thing connected. We...
  23. fajansen

    Solar Vent Fan Effectiveness?

    I'd like to add solar vent fans to the roof vents of my 2010 Eagle River 35QSQB to draw air out of (through) the tanks. I'm hoping to draw fresh air in to help a biological waste digester. Will air be drawn through the tank or will this just create a vacuum in the tank until a toilet is...
  24. C

    Solar Panel install

    Im looking at putting a solar panel on the roof our our 31BHD. WIth the roof design, what method do your recommend for securing the panel to the roof of the trailer. I have the panel set to go behind the AC and next to the fridge vent. With only the 1/4 board up top, the one screw I put in...
  25. B

    Bad solar panel integrated with Dometic AC cover

    My dealer has troubleshot an ongoing problem down to a faulty solar panel. It was only put out around 4V and was not wired to the batteries properly. My Cyclone has been parked there for the last month while this has been on order. According to my dealer, Valley RV in Wasilla AK, they have...
  26. bigdob24

    Solar Panal Pre Wire

    Solar Panel Pre Wire I have a Sundance 3300 RCB ordered and have plans of instaling a solar panel. Was wondering if the factory will pre wire the unit for this instalation? I know some of the other manufaturers do this as a option. Thanks Dan
  27. J

    Solar, add a Battery and master switch

    I currently have one battery in my Bighorn 3055. I have gen prep in the front storage area which has a battery box in place. I want to add either a 12 volt battery or two new 6volt golf cart batteries(trojan t-105) and a solar panel to keep it topped off when not at the camper. I assume that...
  28. J

    New forum: Solar and Wind Power

    Hi all, I saw a new thread tonight about solar power and went to move it and figured, heck, good time to add a Solar and Wind Power forum. So now we have one. See it here and contribute if you have experience with or have an interest in either. Jim
  29. W

    Solar and batteries

    We have 2 x 110W solar panels on our 3055RL, and 2 x 6V golf cart batteries, and the batteries don't seem to be charging. Our unit is stored outside and we've had some nice sunny weather here this past week. Nothing in the trailer is on, from what I can tell, so nothing should be draining power...
  30. G

    satelite prep and solar panel

    I have an 09 3055. Where is the roughed in wire for a roof mounted satelite dish? As well any suggestions on mounting a solar panel on the roof? Is it necessary to find the truss to mount the panel? Is the roofing material strong enough to drill through and use a type of plug to screw into...
  31. G

    solar panel installation

    I just purchased a solar panel which I want to install myself. After reading the instructions everything is quite straight forward. The only thing I really did not find is the best technique to mount it to the fifth wheel roof. We have an 09 3055 which utilizes the metal framed trusses in the...
  32. W

    Considering solar...

    Hi everyone, We're almost there with buying a 3055RL Bighorn, and we really like camping in the BC Provincial campgrounds which unfortunately don't generally have any hookups, electrical or otherwise. I'm considering solar panels for the roof, but have been having a hard time doing the...
  33. T

    Solar Panel Install

    Purchased a 15 watt solar panel to put on top of my North Trail 5th wheel. Will put on top front left side and was wondering how best to get the wires to the batteries which are in the front left corner. Last time I did this I snaked them underneath the vinyl piece that covers the screws that...
  34. G

    solar panel installation

    We have an 09 3055. I will be installing a roof system in the distant future. Does anyone have recommendations on panel types and running the wire etc. I would like to put the controller in the existing utility cupboard at the front door. I am leaning towards two panels with an output of 220...
  35. T

    Solar Panel Installation

    I installed a solar panel on the roof of my 09 Big Horn. The dealer suggested drilling a hole in the roof above the bathroom, removing the small panel behind the toilet and running the cables down into the basement and then into the controller. I didn't like the idea of drilling into the roof...
  36. nhunter

    Solar Question

    Calling all solar experts, I want to run a 400w power inverter charging a 90w computer charger for about 10 hours a day in my truck. Any thoughts on panel sizing or tips. I just want to tie it into factory batteries. Thanks in advance, Neil