2 Months into Our Full time adventure


Well, we've been fulltiming now in our new Cyclone 4100 for just over 2 months and we have had some issues. I didn't and couldn't take the time to take it to a dealer so I have been able to fix it myself......so far.....
On the second nite I noticed water dripping from under the trailer. Upon investigation I noticed the shower drain pipe was leaking quite a bit so I tried to tighten it but that didn't help so I replaced the whole pipe thinking we we're good......wrong, still leaked. Come to find out the drain itself was cracked so another trip to Home Depot and we were all good. 3 weeks later we woke up to water coming out from under the kitchen sink cabinets. Fitting under sink wasn't crimped tight at all. Tightened that up and leaked stopped.
2 days ago my Dad was here for a visit and was in the half bath when he heard water running inside the wall. Had to take the wall board off to get to the line which was spliced about 6 inches above the floor. Another fitting not crimped at all on one side. Thank goodness my dad was in the bathroom when it blew!!
One of my basement doors is rippling on the outside and the Auto Level keeps making a popping noise???
This doesn't include the dealer having to replumb the kitchen sink, fixing the washer/dryer drain that wasn't hooked up at all and putting in closet shelving that they forgot to put in when they built it!!! Don't get me wrong we LOVE our 4100, I say all this to all those looking to buy any new brand of trailer........make sure you keep a close eye on your water fittings and splices for a while. Check and recheck. We turn the water and water heater off every time we leave even if it's just for a few hours. I did contact my dealer about having to fix all this stuff and he did say he will reimburse my expenses for the parts I had to buy. We haven't let these things dampen our spirits on full timing so far we love it.

We are loving our stay in Colorado and are looking forward to our next stop which will be somewhere in Texas.


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Hey Rob. Glad to hear from you. Sorry for the irritating little issues. When I 1st got mine, I felt compelled to take it to the dealer, which just compounded my frustrations. Now, between dealing direct with Heartland and making most repairs myself, the frustration factor has been much lower. Besides, you won't get any sympathy from here when it's reaching the high 90's and 50% humidity every day this week. Hope you are enjoying CO.

Still thinking about coming to central Texas in the fall?

Lance & Jo

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The good news is all these little problems will get shook out fairly quickly (most all new RV owners have similar stories) and the irritation will pass also. You might rethink your migration pattern though. Temps here in East Texas are around 90 and humidity around 300! We will be heading for Montana next week, looking for cooler clims and will wave as we pass through Colorado.


Scottyb yes but it may be more around the SanAntonio area we are waiting to hear for sure. Do you have this popping noise with your auto level?

JohnD I am a camp host for Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. We are at the Inlet Bay campgroubd and Marina
surrounded by mountains!

Lance & Jo. Lol. Yea we won't head to texas until the first of September so I'm hoping to miss most of the heat.


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and the Auto Level keeps making a popping noise???

Rob, we had this issue on our Landmark after we got it home from the dealer. I called Lippert and they suggested removing 1 quart of hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and adding back a quart of one of the anti-stiction fluids listed below. I went with a quart of the Torco fluid and it has helped stop most of the popping noises. I am hoping it all goes away when I get a chance to run the slides and leveling system more on our next trip. I hope this helps.

http://manuals.heartlandowners.org/...i-Stiction Fluid to LCI Hydraulic Systems.pdf


Hunter11 Thanks I will give that a try next time I hook up. Where did you get the fluid?


Moved on to the next thing...
JohnD I am a camp host for Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins.

We are at the Inlet Bay campground and Marina surrounded by mountains!

That is one place we've been wanting to check out, but haven't been there yet!

We do go up Poudre Canyon (west of Ft. Collins) a lot, although we aren't planning a trip up there this summer.

We'll be at St. Vrain State Park in Longmont this weekend over the 4th of July . . .

If we go out for a ride, perhaps we'll stop by for a minute!

However, we were thinking about just staying at the trailer and in the park on this trip since our next outing up in Estes Park in August is loaded with non-stop mountain adventure (got some out-of-towners coming in who want to go white water rafting, zip-lining, Rocky Mountain National Park, Standley Hotel . . . just to name a few things)!

If you are still around, the Colorado Heartland Owners Club Fall Rally will be on the western slop at Rifle Gap State Park (dates below in my sig line) . . . should be a blast!

We'll be there for five nights!