2009 Sundance 315 bunkhouse

withthe addition of one Grandson and Granddaughter and announcement yesterday (official) of a third grandchild - enough already...

we sold our couples trailer so we could not have to pitch a 10 person tent at our seasonal spot.

Went back in age of trailer to a 2009, but it has been kept as clean as our 2012 Salem 27RKSS unit which we rarely used.

We've reseam sealed teh trim, added a new battery, cleaned the roof and conditioned, are hard wiring teh surge protection in next weekend, and put a slew of add ons to make it home again.

i could really use some help with things like operational manuals for this specific unit though...
specifically its a 315RDX.

things like where the hot water by-pass is for winterization, fridge, what sort of components the unit is equipped with in event of adjustment to slides, the antenna (not winegard but some other brand) and if anyone still has one - what sort of issues have they had.


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Look in the "tools" section on the top of this page. Plenty of information their. BTW, have your ever explained to the kids what causes this?? We have 12 grand kids, but their are 5 kids producing these.