2011-Q1 - Heartland Highlights Club Newsletter

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Welcome to Heartland Highlights - a quarterly newsletter from Club Headquarters. This newsletter is a membership benefit for Heartland Owners Club members.

Attached to this post are 2 versions of the same newsletter. Both versions are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Acrobat Reader is a free product. If you need it, you may download it here (link). Here's the difference between the 2 newsletter versions:
  • Color - this file has a slightly larger file size, so the download time will be a little longer. This file is in full-color and the images and titles will look great in this version. This is perfect for reading on-screen.
  • Gray - this file has a slightly smaller file size, so the download time will be a little shorter. This file is black and white and images will not looks as well and may appear a bit dark. The biggest benefit to downloading this version is for readers who prefer to print a hard copy of the newsletter for off-line reading. This version contains no color, so you may find it a bit more cost effective to print.

Heartland Highlights will be published sometime within the first month of each quarter:
  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

If you wish to contribute content to future newsletters, you may email articles and images to the Newsletter Editor (email link).

Content submission deadlines are the first day of the last month of each quarter:
  • December 1 for Q1 content
  • March 1 for Q2 content
  • June 1 for Q3 content
  • September 1 for Q4 content

Thank you for being club members. We hope you have been able to take advantage of the benefits of your membership and please enjoy this new benefit :)

Jim Beletti
President, Heartland Owners Club


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