2014 Silverado 37QB fiberglass cracks


So a month ago, I bought a new to me 37QB and noticed that there are cracks on the outside where the bunkhouse slides come out. There is a crack on each side of the unit upper corners. I talked to the dealer since I have found other issues with it, and they told me that I bought as-is, but to bring it in and they will take a look at it. I am unsure how to fix it (if I can even do it) properly. My thoughts are that whatever I do, the cracks will reappear/get bigger. I am worried about water penetrating into the walls. I have been thinking that if all else fails to use clear epoxy and seal the cracks up. They are about an inch long at this point. I dont think Heartland will do anything for me since it is a 5-6 year old camper. Any advise, tips, tricks?


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There are a few threads on here concerning fiberglass repair... you can do a search in the top right corner and look at some of the fixes other members have done. I would try to figure out the cause before the fix. If you are not going to do a DIY repair, I would look for an independent RV repair service instead of the dealer (especially if your dealer was Camping World). Dealers are in the business of selling, repair folks earn their living doing repairs and you will get better repair service.


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If I recall correctly, I think some people have drilled holes at the end of the crack to help prevent further cracking, and then have done fiberglas repairs.

However, it is possible that the aluminum wall structure may need repair, so it may be worth removing some of the wall to inspect, and then make repairs.


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@rcarfrae - when the dealer has it back to look at the cracks, it's worth having them contact Heartland prior to them opening anything up, so they can describe to Heartland what they are seeing to see if Heartland can give them any direction on what else to look for. Then, depending on what they find, Heartland may have some root cause ideas and could possibly choose to participate.