2016 LRSS North Trail, Slide out is leaking


Hi there. I'm new to the owners forum but here's my gripe. We own a 2016 Heartland North Trail 26LRSS and we love it! We bought it in 2017 brand new as a left over at the dealer. This year we had to take it to the dealer to get the mandatory inspection. Prior to bringing it for inspection I had the slide out, out and we were shining up the trailer, packing it up getting it ready to take it out to our new seasonal spot. Well the day came for us to prepare it for travel to the dealer for the inspection. I went to pull the slide out with the button of course and, Nothing, no click no movement..my heart sunk! We checked the breakers, fuses etc..I tried once more, this time i pushed the button down and held it in and then, boom, it grabbed and pulled the slide out in. It came in, but along the bottom it didn't seem quite snug,,barely visible, but u could tell plus the sound it made coming in, wasn't normal either. Dis-heartened we brought to the dealer and explained what happened. They said, that there are about 6 screws that are behind the seal on the sides, that the heads snapped off, they added that its likely a mfg thing as they see it often in all brands of trls. They also said the cable was twisted and off the tracks. May I add, that the cable on the lower side, closest to the front of the trailer was super slack before bringing the slide out in..and they knew that when we brought it to them. Anyway, they had to remove the seals, take the fascia off the slide out and re adjust the slide back ontrack.. then put it all back together again. in the end we paid a pretty penny, being that we had no more warranty. So we brought it home Friday night past, popped open the slide out, it was beautiful. I went back in the house and it started to rain a little.. a few hours later, I decided that I would continue to stock up the trailer, so that we could finally take it to our spot the next day. Well I stepped up into the trailer and I could hear dripping! Rain water had pooled on top of the slide out and was flowing directly towards the trailer and through the seal and into our fascia and dripping through the seams onto the beautiful floors! We quickly pulled the slide back in, and a waterfall of water came rushing off the top as we did it, as well as rushing inside too! Once closed, there was no more leaking. We took it back and the dealer went on to ask if the trailer was level!!!! I couldn't believe he asked that! of course it was, in anycase it was clear to me the seal wasn't put back properly and the entire unit wasn't adjusted properly, as in too straight! He went on to say that, these models do not have a slight decline, so water runs off and I'm talking like 2%, no not that model he said. He said it's normal for water to pool on those and if its too much, then ya, it can run right into your trailer! I contacted Heartland myself who connected our trailers vin with us the owners we well as the dealership who said to ask them to send pictures and the issue to the claims department and they could help. I called them at the dealership and he chuckled over the phone to me, as if he wasn't oging to do that and then proceeded to say, that maybe there's a slight decline in the slide out but they didn't know anything and hadn't looked at it. I feel now that they got our 640bucks, that they will put our trailer aside and deal with it, when they feel like it. Has anyone ever run into this situation before? We've been totally shafted! and our trailer is like new and we really do love our North Trail...we have a seasonal and want to be there!


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Hi aprilmc,

Sorry to hear about your problems. Unfortunately dealer quality of service varies. It may not help you with this problem, but many of our owners recommend using independent service shops. They make their money from service only and live or die on their reputation.

I hope Heartland can assist you in some way.