2018 Fuel 335 black and grey tanks not vented to roof.

Hey guys.
Been in this 2018 Fuel 335 for a year now. Living full time in it in Glamis as a vendor. Last season it was an issue, but this season the black and grey tank smells inside are heinous. Turns out after doing some talking to a friend who does repair in Dallas (Blue moon mobile RV) we kinda decided it might now be outside the realms of possibilities that they weren’t run through the roof. Before season I pressure washed the roof and didn’t notice vents up where I assumed they’d be. After removing the inside floor vent to the internals of the trailer I found the black and grey tank vents go up between the bathroom and living room cavity and it terminates about 2 feet shy of the roof and doesn’t obviously pass through.

Looking for suggestions on how to get this to now be a complete vent system. What I should do to cut the correct hole in the roof membrane and sealers I should use. The two vents tie together in the void inside, should I attempt to separate them to have two separate vents of will one be fine?

Attached pictures of the unfinished vent pipe and where on the roof I believe it should be passing through.



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Call Heartland Service for advice. This isn't just an unpleasant smells issue. See linked document and send it to Heartland Service (and maybe get legal advice).