2018 M32 2nd a/c unit

Troy R

I read through the threads but haven't seen the exact answer to this question, so I'm hoping someone that has installed a second a/c can assist.

I have never owned an RV or anything like it and have just purchased a lake house that has a 2018 M32 on it. I've noticed that the back bedroom has very little a/c flow out of the vents so I am looking at installing a second unit in the skylight.

I am very unhandy and unfortunately there are no Heartland or Mallard dealers anywhere near where the property is located, so I am looking for help.

1) Which unit do I need to put in (Brand and Model if anyone knows which one will fit perfectly in that space). The first unit is 32,000 BTUs

2) My understanding is there is wiring for it but will require a 50 gauge or amp or something that isn't installed.

3) I'm seeing something about having to replace or add trim to it, but I'm not sure if this comes with it or something I have to buy and what I need to buy.

4) I've looked online at video on how to install it, but I need a novice based step by step (idiot proof if you will) on how to do this as the ones I've seen assume you have some clue. Does anyone know of a video that would help?

If anyone is familiar with the 2018 M32 and has installed a second unit, I would love to speak with you directly if that's an option.

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Your first AC unit is either 13,000 or 15,000 btu.
To run a second AC you will need 50 shore service. Do you have a 50 amp plug?
You will also need to verify that there is wiring at the skylight position where you want to add the new unit. Remove the interior trim there and look for a wire possibly terminated in a plastic box.
If none of those suggestions turn out to be true, the other option is a stand alone portable unit.
Let us know what you find.



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You might want to contact a mobile independent RV servicer for this job at your site.
RVServiceReviews.com has listings. I don't know where your site is.