2019 - Goshen Rally - Potluck (Tuesday @ 6 pm)


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  • Our Rally Potluck dinner will be held tonight (Tuesday) at 6 pm in the Rally Hall
  • We will supply coffee and table service (plates, napkins, forks etc)
  • Please bring your own water and other drinks as desired
  • Please bring your potluck dish through any of the back doors of the rally hall and hand it off to a food team member
  • Bring your hot dishes HOT as we won't have outlets to plug everyone's crock pots into
  • We have "some" spoons and pie servers but not enough for all dishes, so please consider bringing one with your dish
  • If they're not disposable, unless you can recognize it, mark your dish and serving utensil with your name if you want them back
  • Your dishes will be distributed amongst the various food buffets as needed
  • Empty non-disposable dishes and serving utensils can be found on the tables in the hallway after dinner