2019 - Goshen Rally - RV Weighing Service


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We are pleased to announce that the RVSEF (Recreational Vehicle Safety Education Foundation) will be joining the rally.

They will provide RV/Truck Weighing services and will make a presentation on RV Weight and Tire Safety.

RV Weighing Details
The weigh team will be available on the following days:

- Friday, May 31st
- Saturday, June 1st

June 2nd through June 5th - Weigh crew is not available sorry.

- Thursday, June 6th
- Friday, June 7th
- Saturday, June 8th
- Sunday, June 9th

June 10 through June 14 -
Weigh crew is not available sorry.

- Saturday, June 15th (if you're getting weighed tomorrow, consider having your truck weighed today)
- Sunday, June 16th (if you didn't get weighed on June 7-9 consider getting weighed today on your way out)

How much is it?

Why be weighed - I've been to a CAT scale?
Download the attached PDF to read the benefits of knowing your wheel by wheel weight.

Sign-Up to be Weighed Today!
The RVSEF encourages attendees to sign-up for weighing in advance of their arrival so best efforts at scheduling can be made. You will not be asked to pay until you are weighed. Follow this link to sign-up to be weighed: LINK

RV Weight and Tire Safety Presentation Details
When: Thursday, June 13th at 3:00 pm (60 minutes)
Where: Rally Hall (ECCC building)

Contact Trey and Susan Selman: selman@rvsafety.com / 321-453-7673 (leave a message)

Follow this link to view the RVSEF flyer and to learn more.
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I see your ??????????? and raise you ?????????????????????????????. :)

Actually, creating a thread and adding Placeholder in it serves me. I can then link to that thread in other documents. And it's a reminder to me to "get it done".

This coming week, I will be seeking out RV wash crews. Hoping to find one.


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Ok question is wash crew or weighing crew???????
Just checking (lol)


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Ok question is wash crew or weighing crew???????
Just checking (lol)

Ha - good catch Byrd. So my comments were about the wash crew. As for the weigh crew - it will likely be the RVSEF but we spoke, they can't be there for the pre-rally. Bummed about that. Anyway, it's backburnered for now and I will pick it up in a few weeks and see if we'll have anyone.


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Jim, is the rig weighing registration set up yet or will we need to register ahead of time


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It's complicated but yes, they will be there for some of the time. I'll try to get this taken care of in the next couple of days.


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Good news - the weighing service team is ready to take sign-ups!

Please read through post #1 of this thread and use the sign-up link there.


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We arrive at the Rally on June 3rd. Would it be possible to move our RV and have it weighed on the 6th or 7th and then return to our site?


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If you are on the fence about this, I HIGHLY recommend you have it done. You may find out stuff that you didn't know! We found out that our trailer was overweight for the axles and tires (no wonder tires were wearing out and our Avalanche was struggling). One thing it can help with is properly loading your rig to maintain side to side weight.