2021 Cyclone wall cracks

Here are a couple pictures of my same exact issue with our 4007 bedroom slide.
My cracks are at the top of the slide hole.
The interior photo is looking behind the main bedroom slide on the forward side. You can see the top Schwintek mounting screw misses the aluminum frame in the wall entirely. The gap between the "column" and the wall frame goes from tight to 5/8" - 11/16" gap at the top.
My livingroom slide hole is also out of square. The right vertical drag seal has a 5/16" gap between edge of seal & slide.
I have a total of three existing high wall cracks and one large "bulge" that has yet to crack.


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Yep. That's what they said when I first spoke with them.
After talking with Lippert and receiving their build/assy pdfs, I have confirmed Heartland installed the forward-most slide roller on the main slide way too far in from the wall edge. That has caused the floor of the slide to sag, which is putting significant stress on the Schwintek system. Add to that the fact the one of the two main Schwintek mounting screws is hanging in the air because the wall cutout is over 5/8" out-of-square. That to me sounds like a slide that will repeatedly have issues.
I forgot to mention I had a mysterious, but huge, leak for years. I tried everything. Replacing seals, caulking, hiring two cert. companies. No one found the leak. Then the slide failed, disengaged and failed motor. Since they replaced the motor, it hasn't leaked once. The motor apparently rubs pretty hard on the sheet-metal screws holding the slide trim in place, because of a bad build.