2021 - Goshen Rally - Rally Registration Information

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UPDATED: 11-Feb-2021

The 2021 North American Heartland Owners Rally has been cancelled.

See this thread for more information and to discuss.

UPDATED: 6-Feb-2021

Rally Registration is being delayed until sometime in April.

Goshen Rally Registration Information

Registration opened for all Club Members on TBD
The registration URL is: TBD The link IS NOT valid or live yet.

Follow this link to discuss rally registration in the Primary Rally Discussion thread.

What you need to do now, days prior to registration

Research! You'll be doing yourself a favor to research the various aspects of this rally a number of days prior to attempting actual rally registration. Read the topics below and click the topic names to take a deeper dive into the topic.

  • Registration Type (link coming soon): How you plan to register (RV, No-RV, 2 people, 3 people or more)
  • Pre-Rally Camping (link coming soon): If you want to join us for any portion of the the 7-day Pre-Rally, what day you want to arrive
  • Pre-Rally Tour Suggestions (link coming soon): What Pre-Rally Tours you want to register for
  • Pre-Rally Activities: What Pre-Rally Activities you want to register for
  • Rally Activities: What Rally Activities you want to register for
  • Rig Length: Measure the length of your RV now. Different sites and areas can accommodate different RV lengths. This will be noted in the registration system when you consider where to camp. Measure the length of your RV from the rearmost projection (include ladder, hitches etc.) to the frontmost projection (kingpin, front cap, ball hitch etc.). This total length including projections measurement is really important. All sites are back-in and some back up to fences. In all cases, you cannot back past the fence and you cannot hang out into the street. Please measure your RV now.
  • Rally Registrations Screens: Follow this link to see what you'll actually see when registering (link coming soon)

(link coming soon)
Registration (General Information)
(link coming soon)
Registration Invitation Email (see attachment to that post)
(link coming soon)
Confirmation Email (see attachment to that post) (link coming soon)
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