2021 Veteran's Day Restaurant Discounts


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Another Veteran's Day is about to roll around this coming Thursday. My eternal gratitude to ALL my fellow Veterans who answered their nation's call, donated some time in their lives to the United States of America, and all the rest of us.

The hugely growing national restaurant list here is a tribute to all the people in the hospitality trades who are giving back, despite several years of Covid-19 financial losses. Be generous in your tips, veterans! https://www.military.com/veterans-day/restaurants-veterans-day-military-discounts.html
Thanks for sharing. It's great that many restaurants arrange discounts on such valuable holidays for society. And I'm glad that many private businesses and restaurants recovered from the crisis caused by Covid-19. Many of my colleagues and friends didn't go out to restaurants, cinemas, or shopping malls for several months. No one wanted to get coronavirus, and no one wanted to break the quarantine rules. When the lockdown was over, we celebrated our health and went to RIWA restaurant I hope they'll make discounts for veterans this year. They always delight us with tasty dishes and drinks and make discounts on seasonal dishes.
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