2022 North Trail RBP


Hi All,
We purchased a 2022 North Trail Cailber Oct 2021
It has a Furion solar port (black) on the front. We previously owned 2 Big horn 5th wheels.
My question is our unit says solar ready. I am new to this solar world, and we are thinking a portable system, w/controller. I see there are a couple of brands.
We have the 12v refrigerator, 2 marine deep cycle batteries and need a way to keep the batteries charged. As they only last a couple of hours with fridge on and no other use. It is currently at our local rv repair, and they are checking fridge, battery system.
How big should the solar panel be? Can you have too much solar?
We don't normally do much dry camping but would like the ability to keep batteries charged, without running the Honda 3,000 generator.
Had the Interstate batteries checked, and it showed 65. So basically, good but not great, as they were not sure where it should be, Duracell is 80.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are considering a lithium battery.
Thanks ever so much,


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lots of questions:
is the fridge a compressor type 12V without LP use?
is your charger capable of charging Lithium?
lithium is much better for battery longevity but initially lots more money.
it's my understanding that the solar port is for a portable unit as that's what mine 25lrss is.