2022 Sundance 293RL Propane/Electric Water heater



I have owned my 2022 Sundance 293RL for about a year now and finally decided to investigate why the Gas/Electric Water heater has only worked on the Gas side when the documentation for the water heater clearly shows it as a G/E tank.

On my control panel, there is a "after market" label for the electric water heater but there is no switch and is a "place holder" for it. Next to this is a switch labeled aux lights, which to my knowledge and testing is not attached to anything in the rig. I guess my question is two fold? Why is there a printed label for a electrix water heater but no switch....and I have no idea what this "active" aux lighting switch. If I traced it right, it goes to a 15 amp fuse on the DC side, which indicate to me that it is for some sort of lights. The fuse is labeled "Living room" but it doesn't control anything.

Any one have thoughts on that....AND....if this is clearly not needed, am I ok to unplug this wire and plug in the loose wire for the electric side of the heating tank to it? I have already tested that it works, but wanted to get some more experienced owners. Thanks!

P.S. Why would this have been left out to begin with?


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I don't have your trailer, but I found a picture of the 2022 293RL control panel that shows the electric switch for the water heater. (See the arrow) If yours is different, you may want to contact Heartland customer service. Give them the last four digits of your VIN. The should be able to tell you how your RV is equipped and where the switch should be. It is possible the installer put the switch in the wrong spot. Also if you have Suburban water heater there is another switch inside the water heater cavity that must be on in order for the switch inside the coach to work.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the response, my panel is a bit different. I'll post a pic:
The cabin lights are where the Elec. water heater is in this pic:
The caben switch, here, is the underbody stair light
The aux light, pictured here, is the switch that does nothing
and the blank spot, on ours, have a printer srticker that states Electric Water heater.

I may contact Heartland and see what theysay, although I have heard it is had to get ahold of them.