3 air conditioners at once? no problem in my 3800.


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Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that there was a viable option. They are diesel and even if you could squeeze one into the space, they weigh about 2.5 x as much as the 5500 gas.


Ok. I was looking at the Onan diesels. They are larger. However I did find a 7kW rv unit. Would it be worth upgrading?


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When I was investigating the install of my Induction cooktop I asked parks about how the pedestal was wired. My thought was to put another power drop on the unit and simply plug in the new cooktop seperate from the main 50 amp plug. Just use the 20, for example, that was on the pedestal.

I was as told they only dropped one set of 50 amp wires to the pedestal. From those wires there drop the 50, 30, and 20 amp breakers. So there is only 100 amps of power at the pedestal not 100+30+10 or 140 amps. I realize that some of the geniuses that I enjoy reading on the forum would know that.....but I had to make sure.

What this meant to me is there was no reason to put in a separate drop. I had to use what I had available.

So I stole the dryer breaker......better put spliced it and ran a new line back to the slide and new cooktop. Since I have a combo washer/dryer I did not need it. But it is still there for a future owner you just can't scramble eggs and dry laundry at the same time.

Sorry for for the long story but this is to answer "can I use the dryer circuit" and also a caution to those wanting to run a
separate line to the pedestal that there is only 100 amps there total.