323 BR washer drain

Well owned this trailer for about 2 months. Just bought a washer/dryer combo for it. Hooked it up, everything was great.. all the way until the drain cycle started. Water baked up through the drain in the trailer. Went out side checked it.. Found a shut off valve for the drain. What's the obvious thing to do.... Open it... well my feet took a bath.. the drain isn't even connected to anything.. just open laying there across the frame and dumping to ground..

Is this a normal build setup or is this something that was mis-built. I've been in the auto industry for a long time and have seen my fair share of mis-build vehicles. But to just leave out a whole section of plumping is something I have not seen nor under stand.. This trailer came with this option

Opinions? comments? suggestions?? all would be appreciated.



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I just looked at the specs for the 323BR and I didn't see anything about a washer prep. Is this a new rig or did it have a previous owner?
Could that shut off valve you mentioned be the gray tank drain valve and need to be hooked to a sewer?
Can you post a picture of that valve?

This is brand new unit. 2022. And comes with washer prep. Yes needs to be hooked up to Grey tank. Shouldn’t this have been done from factory?


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Please post a picture of that drain valve.


Maybe that “shut off valve” is actually the drain valve for the gray tank (which filled with water from the wash cycle). Ergo, the foot bath when opened.

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