Alaska in 2011 - Considering it and some questions


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We are thinking of going to Alaska this next summer. Has anyone done this in there Bighorn 5th wheel. How did it hold up? What were the pitfalls? Any other advice would be welcome.



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Hi Gary,

We would love to go to Alaska at some point also. But don't know when. There is a good thread about planning a trip going to Alaska in progress right now. You might check it out and join in.

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Our good friends did the "Alaska Adventure" this past summer. They saw amazing sites and said it was the trip of a lifetime. It did not go without a few incidents such as a broken axle, the AC shook loose from the roof and started to leak, one flat tire, the refrigerator had to be replaced etc. These isues could have happened anywhere and he did not attribute them to the trip although he said they traveled many a mile on very rough roads. They tow an Alpenlite. Here are some comments he sent me...

Just got back from a 2.5 month trip to Alaska on 9/1/10. I agree with everything that Willym April, 2010, stated about the books to get. The Guide to Alaska Camping" and "The Milepost". The current Milepost can be ordered in the spring of the year or purchased from most any store starting in Dawson Creek, BC, Mile o. We kept both books in the cab of the truck at all times. A draw back to the RV parks is that most of them only have 15 amp service. (They generate their own power)

The only addition I would make is look for roadside parking areas. Most have great scenery. It helps to have a generator, but you can make do without one. The best part is that the camp space is free. When traveling, we would say in roadside areas 3 to 5 days and then stay in a RV park. Using this method our average cost for camping was about $12.00 per night.