Almost lost the awning last night, how to override for manual retraction?


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Know I've read it somewhere on the forums and PDF links here but isn't there a way to retract the main awning if you can't get inside the unit?

Last night the 5er was at the CG where I'll be staying for a couple of months and that area can get smacked with high winds pretty quickly. I'd forgotten to leave a key with "the two Chris's" (park maintenance and fix anything extraordinaire) they were worried my awning would rip off, its happened quite a few times there before to other campers so they called and asked if there was any way to retract the awning since they couldn't get inside.

I told Chris to look at the top on the end and see if there was a slot to use a drill with proper bit to roll it up, he found it but said it would not budge no matter what the both of them tried to do even unplugging the shore power and battery. Isn't there some way to override that or do you need to be inside to get an electric awning rolled up?

Eventually they checked all the windows and I'd forgotten to lock the larger one on the entry side so they were able to get in and roll it up though I head back tomorrow and will make sure someone has the keys just in case since I'm running back and forth all next week.
They had to go back out the window since they couldn't lock the door, they were laughing about that and I appreciate a good sense of humor considering the storm would have made the drive there about 3 hours and my awning would have probably been rolling down the hill towards the river.

Pictures or suggestions? It could also help if the motor crapped out and I need to bring it in quickly.



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John, guess its a good thing they were able to squeeze into one of the windows, it would suck to have to take it back to the dealer since I just got it and am (for the most part) set up. Good to know for the future.

Dan, yea, I was trying to beat the road closing for mountain blasting and didn't think about it until an unusual summer storm rolled in last night. Was going to leave the keys with the night manager but really wanted to hit the road and totally spaced. The extra set will be kept with the Motel keys from now on so anyone authorized can access the unit anytime if I'm not around.

Got two good 'fix it's' out of this after checking on a link to skirting from an awning site. Had one of those huge 20x10 tents and so did a neighbor, snow caved the top on mine and crushed the legs on his. Just measured it out and will have enough for skirting plus an awning, have a bunch of PVC pipe lying around (I never throw anything away) which I can cut in half and 'snap' the tent part to the awning roller housing without damaging it. If it gets that windy it will just snap off the awning housing, there were times last year when the wind would start up round 3AM and I'd have to get up to bring it in. This way I will wake up for a moment and think "I'll find it in the morning, it's probably over at the neighbors mobile home". ;)