Announcement: 3GStore returns to the Heartland Owners Forum

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Announcement: 3GStore returns to the Heartland Owners Forum

Most RVers have certain telecommunications needs while on the road. These needs commonly break down into two major categories:
- Telephone Service (for voice calls)
- Internet Service (for email, web browsing etc.)

Most of us have cellular telephones for voice calls, while a few of us have IP (Internet Protocol) phones/services.

Quite a number of us use Cellular Data Equipment to connect to the Internet for our online needs. Some use their Smartphones to connect to the Internet and tether their computers/tablets to it. Some have dedicated Cellular Data Modems (MiFi, JetPack, AirCard etc.) and use these via USB or WiFi to connect to their computers/tablet. Finally, many of us, when available and viable, connect to the Internet via WiFi networks provided by Campgrounds.

For many - navigating the world of consumer electronics that are used for our Voice and Data needs can be daunting. Many of us rely upon our Cellular Telephone Carriers to counsel us and sell us gear they rep, but there are other choices.

Once such choice is the 3GStore - link. The 3GStore sells solutions for RVers. By that, I mean they are well versed on our needs and can counsel us on best-fit solutions based on our individual needs.

Years ago, the 3GStore was represented on this forum to answer questions many of us had. Over time, the questions died down. Since then, as it always does, technology changed, improvements were made, new products were created etc. And some of our needs have changed as well (streaming entertainment content, remotely accessing our homes, accessing security camera streams etc.).

This week, the Heartland Owners Club has partnered with the 3GStore to provide door prizes at some of our rallies and discounts to our rally attendees. I have also invited the 3GStore to renew their participation on the Heartland Owners Forum. Their forum participation will be focused as follows:
1. Answering Telecommunications questions
2. Giving guidance on products
3. From time-to-time, offering product discounts to all forum members

Please join me in welcoming the 3GStore back to the Heartland Owners Forum and feel free to then start your own New Thread to ask them a question about a problem, a solution or product.

In celebration of their return to the Heartland Owners Forum, the 3GStore is offering a 5% discount on purchases of $50 or more, through the end of May, 2016. During the check-out process, in the COUPON field, enter HOC5OFF50 to receive 5% off your pre-tax purchase.

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