Another satisfied RV Lock customer!


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I finally replaced all the locks on our Cyclone with RV Locks, taking advantage of their recent Memorial Day weekend sale. It's wonderful going from 4 keys to only 1, not to mention the convenience of the keyless entry. Ordered 2 keyless entry locks, 4 baggage compartment lock handles, and 2 key latches. The locks went on pretty easily. One concern I had was some previous posts about the keyless entry locks not fitting correctly on the full view glass entry doors on the Cyclones unless you cut the window trim to fit since the new lock overlaps the trim. But I found out the foam backing on the lock appears to be thick enough that the lock fit quite will without cutting the window trim. I'll probably add a small bead of silicone along the top just to make sure there are no water leaks, but I liked not having to cut the window trim. The only real complaint I have about their locks is the lack of optional sizes for the key latches, used on the battery compartment door and the fuel filler door. The ones they supplied fit great on the fuel filler door which is only 1/2 inch thick, but it was a real pain getting it to work on the battery/generator compartment door which is almost 1 inch thick. Finally got the lock seated, but had to fashion my own locking tab as the one that came with it was way too short to work. Strange that they don't offer longer key latches, as their baggage compartment lock handles come in 2 sizes to fit different thickness doors.