ATF: ElkRidge - a/c thermostat locations

To whom it may concern. I paid to have a second a/c unit and its hotter then my travel trailer was. The master gets very cold since the second a/c unit is in that small area and that thermostat is located in the very front of unit next to the master closet door. The thermostat for the main a/c is located in the hallway as you go into the master bedroom (next to bathroom door) this thermostat is to close to the bedroom and is reading cold air for the master and turning off the main a/c and the rest of the unit is a sauna, speacially the rear bunk area. I believe this to be a design error. The thermostat for that main a/c unit should be located on the wall as you enter the rear bunk area so that it reads the true temperature in the fifth wheel and in the rear of the unit away from the second a/c unit that is already doing a good job of cooling. please let me know if there is anything I can do or where I can take this near the Miami Florida area for warranty. anybody but America choice rv I prefer not to use them.


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Hi hrtelkrobert,

I adjust my hallway thermostat to get the temperature I want at the back of the coach. Sometimes that's 72. Sometimes it's 64. Depends a lot on where the sun is hitting the coach. And when I turn on the bedroom A/C, as you've noticed, in order to keep the living room A/C running, I have to set that thermostat very low.

I'm not sure what would happen if the thermostat were located elsewhere, but I find it's pretty easy to change the set point.

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