ATF: North Trail - Poor Workmanship


I recently purchased North Trail at 20 2C RB 2018. Selecting a little paperwork at the dealers I was supposed to pick it up on Saturday 11 o'clock they were supposed to take care of everything but they did not they wait until I showed up before starting anything after checking out the trailer found out the LAD light on on the awning did not work they said they would replace it by two delivery of it took it home park in our house started loading it up for a trip rained that day and night following morning went out opened it up into my surprise the whole front room was a lake trader leaked after mop up the mess and wiping up the water I took it back down to the dealership and I admit I was **** I took video of the water coming in to tear down the dealership showed them the video and all they can do is make up excuses and I explained to him it is a brand trailer should not lake haven't even used it yet so they said they were then do something whatever they did that on all it hasn't rained since the rovers can leak again but my trip up north have few problems coming back south I will do right by the dealership I called the salesman up he said take it in any call me back to call the dealership I called the dealership told the problem is that I'm coming by I could drop in you could look at it and make a decision problem at their worst you're taking an hour and that's if you drag your feet with the dealership told me know we're booked up until June I explained to him what was wrong. I explained to them brand-new trailer less than a week old and having all these problems and you guys don't seem to care
your way to sell the trailer but after you sell a trailer you will give the customer the time a day and on that note I hate giant RV the way they treat me after the fact. And that to this day nobody has called to tell me if they had the replacement LED light strip that goes on the awning to weeks of gone by. And the other complaint on the trailer is due to poor workmanship.


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Sorry to hear you're having problems with both the trailer and the dealer. Sometimes a call to Heartland Customer Service can help motivate a dealer. Call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Have your VIN # ready.