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Hi all,

I just wanted to alert all users that new threads and new posts to existing threads in the Ask The Factory (ATF) forums will now be Moderated.

This means they will not appear on the forum after you Submit them.

They will go into the moderation queue to be reviewed by a moderator, then Validated or Deleted. After they have been validated, they will then appear.

It is my hope is to never have to delete anything. My sense is that we'll pop a Private Message out here and there to users for posts that we may ask them to reconsider.

We may also move the posts before we validate them in order to put them in a better location on the forum. Often times, conversations ensue on the ATFs, typically sparked by the original question. This is understandable. We may elect to move some of those conversational posts so we can keep the ATFs a bit more streamlined.

The reason we have went to the ATFs being Moderated is two-fold.

First, we truly want to off-load some of the conversations to other forums within this community.

And lastly, and what spurred the move today, is that we wish to keep a “friendly atmosphere” within this community. It's totally understandable that some people have negative feelings about certain aspects of their coach from time to time. And coming to this community to get help is a good thing and is why we are all here. But to come here to rant, to come here to pile on when others are ranting - well that's just something that can be done elsewhere (family, friends, your dealer, other forums etc.). Just not here. So it’s these types of posts that may not get Validated in the ATFs. Please try to respect me on this.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Jim Beletti
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