Bighorn 3670rl and Dodge 3500


Mark Lawrence
We are currently looking at the Bighorn 3670rl and are considering as a TV a 07' Dodge 3500 CTD, DRW, Exhaust brake, etc. And after reading so many posts on this and other sites I think that I am more confused than My questions are: Is this a good match?
I know it will pull it w/o any problems, but will it stop it?
Will this put the weights at their limits?:confused:


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FYI, we are full timing in ours and this is our weight

Truck (no trailer attached)

Front axle 4940 gawr 6000
Rear axle 4060 gawr 9000

Truck and Trailer

Front Truck axle 4980
Rear Truck axle 7360
Trailer axels 12820 (7k axels)

Total weight 25160
Pin weight 3300

As you can see I am under my weights. It is heavy at 16,100. I have the tow command and not had any problems so far. But it is heavy and if you stop on a dime you get no change back. I generally leave some extra space when traveling as a cushion factor. Hope this helps as I have a Ford and not a Dodge.