Bighorn Traveler 32RS


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We were about to order a different manufacture until we walked into the Traveler 32RS. I did not get a good look at the rear but the pictures I have show no hitch. I am wanting to carry a generator and was planning a hitch mount carrier. Is there a LP quick connect anywhere to hook up a LP generator? I would prefer to order one with the gen prep but this one has everything we want but that and is a very good price. Also I noticed that the front area where the battery is there is a perforated plate that does not look to sturdy. Can a stronger plate be added?

It is a little heavier that the one we almost got but I am sure our truck can handle it.


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If you want a hitch on the back, you'l have to have one custom made. We did for our Bighorn, as I use it to carry my WR450 dirt bike.

There is no LP line back that far on ours....doubt yours will have one either. :(

The storage storage is VERY capable of carrying a lot of weight. That is where we carry 3 x Trojan batteries. Remember, all the factory (built in) generators go there, so it can carry a lot.

Which truck make/model do you have?


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I will be towing with a 2017 F250 CCSB 6.7L diesel 4X4 Lariat. Has the 5th wheel goose neck prep, plow package, and ultimate tow. I know I will be a couple hundred pounds over GVWR but I have the 6430 GRAW and I had it weighed with myself, wife, 3/4 gas, half DEF, and ~100lbs of stuff in the bed it was 3420. I am guessing I will be ~6000lbs over the rear axel. I have airbags, Ranch adjustable shocks, and sway bar on order already.


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Hello Orion,

Congratulations on the new Trailer.

The plate in the front compartment on my Bighorn I sealed up with high end plastic gaffer inside. On the bottom I installed a plastic patching membrane like is used to seal up corplast after opening for service work. There are two little weep holes left near the back corners. As far as strength I run with my GMG Davy Crockett smoker, a 20 lb propane cylinder, some cases of bottled water and other items. 1 Season in and no issues this far.

I have a custom hitch my dealer made for the rear and haul a couple bikes back there. This is a special RV rated carrier made by Swagman. If you want a Generator mount I would caution about a lot of weight. I have seen dual reciever hitches on some that mount and hail at the back.

I put my generator in the bed of my truck, it is close to 180 lbs and lives there all season with the toneau over it.

I would make sure you scale all weights and calculate your pin weight. I traded my F 250 prior to buying the Bighorn as i would have been 1000 to 1200 lbs over on Cargo Weight when fully loaded. I have 3600 lbs with my F 350 and only had 2300 with my F 250 with the same equipment as yous. The shocks do not increase weight carrying capacity and the same holds true for the Airbags. Be safe and know your limits/ weights.



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I sealed the cut holes/slots in the generator compartment with gorilla tape. So far the tape still has things sealed tight. All I wanted was to keep the road dirt out, so far so good. I carry a tool box, have two batteries and much other stuff in there. If you want to save weight over the rear axle look at the Andersen Ultimate Hitch. It weighs in at 32 lbs and the king pin adapter weighs in at about 4 lbs.
Good Morning,
Our 32rs came with mouning plates welded to the underside if the bumper. We have a Lippert bike receiver on ours with a 200# limit. Their part number is 240220 and may work for you.
Have a great day,Don