Can I use my Cast Iron and Enameled Cast Iron pans on an Induction Cooktop


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I'm no expert on this but I'd like to relate my experience in this area.

Short answer is YES!

Long answer is there are a few things to be aware of (again, based on my experience):

  1. Induction cooktops are glass on the top. This glass can be scratched. Standard non-enameled cast iron cookware can be a bit rough on the bottom. Consider using a piece of parchment paper or a paper towel between the cooktop surface and the bottom of the pan. I have never burned up either doing this
  2. Cast iron pans were not developed for use with induction cooktops. So while they do work, their makeup is not optimal for induction cooktops. My suggestion is to not try to heat them on the highest setting, but to slowly heat them up. Also, since cast iron is thick, it really retains heat for much longer than a stainless steel pan. This means you won't have quite the precise heat control over the pan as you will with stainless steel
This all said, we really enjoy using enameled Lodge and Le Creuset cookware on our induction cooktop at home and will likely try it in the RV when we get our True Induction Double-Burner Induction Cooktop in our LM 365 in February 2015.
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My wife is fascinated by induction cooktops, but still loves here stone age fire. She said that she's sure the induction manufactures don't recommend the paper towel :D...I find the paper towel between the pan and cooktop fascinating.


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I've edited my post to also include parchment paper. I've used both parchment paper and paper towel successfully :)


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I use my cast iron skillets on my induction single burner with no problems. Like any pan you use on any cooktop, you need to keep an eye on it.