Canada Region West Rally - June 16 - 19, 2016


Canada-East Region Directors-Retired
Calling all Pacific Region Heartland Members.

Canada Eh? Our first ever Canada-West Region Rally (link: is only 2 months away! It is being held just outside Jasper, Alberta with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. Our rally base, KOA Hinton/Jasper, is a stone’s throw from the National Park gates. Take a day to venture to the Columbia Icefields, Malinge Lake & Canyon or Miette Hot Springs.

We have a great 4 days planned including Boston Pizza Meet & Greet, Campetizer Night (with Quiz), trip up the Jasper Skytram, (Heartland Owners Club subsidizing $10 for each member who attends), along with Tim Horton’s Coffee and breakfast pastries/sandwiches Friday through Sunday. To those arriving early, a dinner is planned at Jasper Brewing Company - bison stew, elk meatloaf anyone?

We would like to extend our personal invitation to have you join us June 16 – 19, 2016 in Alberta. To quote the lyrics from Gordon Lightfoot’s song…”Alberta bound, Alberta bound, its’ good to be Alberta bound”.

Interested? Hope to see you there!

Bob & Christine
Canada Region Directors