Chapter Leaders Wanted


Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Hey everyone, the Pacific Region is looking for Chapter Leaders for California North, Washington, Oregon and Nevada Chapters. Our previous chapters leaders have retired and given their time in the leadership. If leadership in the club is something that interests you, please PM Kelly or I.

What is a Chapter Leader:

A chapter leaders is someone in charge of a state or part of a state, welcoming new members, coordinating and putting on a Chapter Rally once a year, and helping to answer questions from members within your chapter. The chapter leaders work in concert with the regional director to keep the chapter and region running smoothly and their members happy.

How long is the commitment:

1 year. Each year Heartland Owners Club and the Chapter Leaders and Regional Directors discuss the following year and see if it is something that still interests each of them. Some of the chapter leaders within the club have served for a decade and some as little as one single year.

How much work is a Chapter Rally:

A Chapter Rally can be as much or little as you want. Heartland RV's gives the Heartland Owners Club $20.00 per rig to the Chapter where the rally is held, to go toward the rally costs. During a Chapter Rally there is generally a pot luck dinner and some socializing time during the rally evenings. There have been some pretty elaborate rallies and some very simple rallies. I can honestly say from experience, that the Heartland Owners Club members just want a nice venue to get together and socialize. The rallies do not have to be something super fancy for us to have fun.

Is this a paid position:

The short answer is no, its a volunteer position and you are not financially compensated for your time. With that being said, Heartland RV's does give the Chapter Leaders $150.00 for each of the Chapter Rallies the chapter leaders hold.

What are some key things necessary to be a chapter leader:

You have to stay in communication with the Regional Director, be prompt with the chapter report for your rallies when they are completed, be computer savvy with Word, Excel, PDF and other forms of digital communication and reports. We are looking for the leadership to be involved and active in the Heartland Owners Club Forum.

If any of this sounds interesting to you and you are considering being part of the leadership, please PM me and we can discuss it.



Retired Oregon HOC
A former Leader’s perspective:

This is a long post since we have lots of experience.

Mark and I headed up the Oregon chapter for 10 yrs when the club first started. It has grown, but the job doesn’t have to be hard. The time commitment depends on how complex you want your rally to be.

If you choose for a low key rally, which , by the way, people are quite happy with, you basically find a venue and work with it to figure out how reservations will be made and who will keep the record of attendees.

It helps if you keep a list of who is coming and what site they end up in along with the date and time of a potluck if you have one. We did appetizers one night and potluck another night. You can have people bring their own utensils, or provide them along with water and soft drinks if you choose to spend your money from Heartland that way.

After the rally, you have an expense report to fill out for Heartland. Rod and Kelly will help you figure that out. It’s pretty easy.

That’s it! You are checking the forum anyway, so that is no added time. You may or may not check Facebook already. It’s your choice.

People in the club love to help leaders during the rally so you never lack for support. Rod and Kelly are wonderful to work with and know how to streamline putting a rally together.

Heartland’s financial support is enough to put on a simple low key rally. You shouldn’t have to fundraisers and do all the extra stuff some people choose to do.

Need ideas for parks that have been good for rallies in the past, we can help with that.
New to the club? This is a great way to meet people you already have things in common with!😁

Take a chance! You might find you like sharing some of your favorite parks with others. You will meet people you wouldn’t meet any other way. You will make lifelong friends you will go out of your way to see again. And, you will help keep a club going. This club can’t continue without the grassroots support of its members.

Let’s keep the Heartland Owners Club going!

Kristy and Mark


Well-known member
Thanks Rod and Kelly for posting this.

Thank you Kristy (and Mark) for posting your experience.

It would be awesome to see some members step into these needed roles. Rallies are great opportunities for owners but without a ringleader, they don’t get planned.

THANK YOU to all of our past leaders!