concerning the "for sale" forum....


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im wondering, is there a reasonable purpose the forum keeps so many old and outdated "for sale" ads?..... if there was an automatic 6 month expiration period on every "for sale" or "wanted" posted, it would make the purpose for using forum better in very respect.... and the person who placed the ad could easily renew their ad at the end of 6 months if they choose to, keeping the forum reasonably current... im sure it would help everyone who use the "for sale" and "wanted" forums, and invariably, draw more people to use it.... just my opinion, thank you


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Thanks for your input.
The forum software is supposed to automatically purge old for sale threads.
Although I haven't checked it recently I will now and see that it gets fixed, if possible using this forum software.
I'm thinking that function may have gotten lost when we moved to the new XenForo forum software.