Connexx tv/radio/dvd/soundbar

Just purchased yesterday a 22 bighorn traveler 39mb. The brochure says it has a 50” led radio dvd cd tv. Where is the dvd/ cd player? I have no idea and I’m sure I’m missing it. Also is there surround sound?


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Is your rig new or pre owned? A previous owner may have eliminated it.
Since you have the sales brochure it most likely has a disclaimer somewhere stating that Heartland has the right to make changes in production without notification or something to that effect.
Hopefully another owner will chime in to help clarify.

It’s a leftover 22. The brochure made it sound like it was built in like the sound bar. I’m starting to have buyers remorse, noticing lots of fit and finish problems


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Do you have a working surround sound system? My older (2008 build) has the CD/DVD as part of the surround sound amplifier.

RV dealer sales and service personnel have an overall reputation as being as honest and upright as used car salesmen. A common tactic of theirs is to "ROB" parts/furniture from one unit on their lot, which they never seem to reorder, in order to complete a sale to a current buyer who noticed the missing stuff in the pre-delivery inspection on HIS unit.
Most often what I hear what happens when you bring the missing equipment from YOUR rig to the dealer's attention, is they say that "It was there when we sold it to you" and it is your word versus theirs. Guess who usually wins???

Also, there has been an ongoing problem for MANY years with RV's getting broken into overnight on dealer's lots, and the electronics getting stolen (Usually the TV's). Most RV dealers remove at least the TV's to keep them from getting stolen while on their lots.