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I am looking at attempting to purchase a countertop extension for my 2014 Silverado 37QB. I will attach some photo's of the existing countertop color and am looking at getting a quote for pricing on an extension on the end of the counter with someway to lock it into place and then be able to let it down when not in use. Is this possible and also what would a price be? Any help with this would be appreciated. Also I am looking at purchasing an antenna for the roof mount, to take the place of the existing antenna, for my DIRECTV dish so that I wouldn't have to attempt to set it up using my compass anymore. I was looking at the Winegard Travel'r and was wondering if this would be possible to install on this model. Again thanks for the assistance.



Here is the pics.

This is where we're looking at placing the extension.

Here is the countertop close up.


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Hi Devi1Dog,

On the countertop extension, you'll be better off if you call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Have your VIN # ready.

I'd be surprised if they'll make you anything custom. The cutting equipment is probably computer operated based on a template created by engineering. I'd expect any non-existing design would take new engineering work to make a new template.

But you should be able to order a replacement piece. So if there's a piece of countertop in your rig that you could use to make an extension, just order a replacement for that and do what you want with it. I did that to get a second small shelf in the bedroom. I thought it was reasonably priced - $35 I think.

Maybe someone else has solved the extension problem in some other way and will chime in.

If you get a Winegard dish, it wouldn't go in place of the existing antenna. Here's a link to a recent thread on how someone else installed on on his Landmark. Your model may not have the prewiring, so you'd be running the extra wires yourself.


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At one time, 3 or 4 years ago, Heartland put a countertop extension in some of their 5th wheel models. It was in a color similar to what you are looking for. Customer service can put you in contact with the parts Dept. They may have some left over.

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Making a fold-down extension is not difficult, but it will be just below the existing counter top when raised. If you can't find the same counter top material, you could use a tile or other material to accent it.


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The folding bracket is available through RV dealer parts departments. Many manufacturers installed them and some still do. My Fun Finder had this option (still a Thor product). My North Trail has plenty of counter space otherwise I'd want to add one too.

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You also could make one using a matching sink cover that you could probably get from Heartland

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We purchased a counter top extension as an option with our 2010 BH 3410RE. I can recall that DW actually used the extension one time, although we have a little more counter top to the right of the sink than is note in the above picture. The factory was reluctant to install an extension because it obstructs the access to the side isle bath stairs and the main entrance passage way. If the factory no longer supplies the extension as an option, suggest that you locate a cabinet shop and have them make one to suit your needs with a Corian top.


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This is something I've been thinking about doing to our 2013 Heartland Trail Runner!

The main reason we chose this trailer was because of the rear kitchen, which is nice as when in use, it (the kitchen) doesn't block the pathway through the trailer as side kitchens generally do (like in our old Coachman travel trailer).

However, it does lack critical counter space (as can be seen by clicking on the photo below).

Problem is that if adding a counter extension, it would only be useful when the slideout is out, otherwise we wouldn't be able to open the kitchen drawers if the extension was attached and flipped down.