Cyclone 4270 Fender Trim


I am looking to replace the flimsy plastic trim with something stronger. I have seen other manufactures with heavier duty fiberglass fenders. Any other options available for this unit??


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Hi blp30250,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. I think I recall seeing a project description somewhere (not sure if it was on this forum), where the owner made fenders out of sheet metal.

The problem with replacing fenders without using the same part, is finding something that fits and is stronger.

Alternatively, if the problem is cracks around the mounting screws, some of us have reinforced the back side of the fender, where the screws go through, with a thin layer of moldable epoxy covered by Gorilla tape. The epoxy and tape spreads the stress load caused by vibration. I did that in Oct 2016 and they've been holding up ever since.


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I also have just used fiber glass resin, and cloth to repair my plastic fender flares too. It actually works and does hold up to the road test for years so far. I looked at the flares in the previous post...$369 for flares..yikes. If you ever have a flat, kiss the flares goodbye no matter what they are made of.


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