defective water pump?


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I was wondering if this is a rare thing or a common problem. We had a water pump failure while boondocking in southern Arizona. Contacted Heartland and received great support and was directed to a very accomodating repair facility in Mesa Az where the pump was replaced.That all happened on Thuirsday. We got up on Saturday and the new pump had already failed. I checked all connections and voltage to the pump and all is good. This is on a shurflo 5.7 pump. Anybody else having similar problems? Just curious.

Ray LeTourneau

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I don't know what size my original pump was but it failed early on as well. I contacted SureFlo at the time and they sent me a 2.8 replacement. The 2.8 is the old standard type pump amd it has plenty of pressure an flow for normal use. It has been problem free. By the way, the pump is an easy do it yourself R & R.


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It appears the newest best Smart 5.7 pumps are failing early (too much eletronics and too much pressure output in my view) I had one installed but removed it and went back to my factory 2.8. My 2.8 was left on running dry for 24 hours and still performed when the tank was refilled.


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the 5.7 comes with an inline fuse which is right by the pump. it could be bad I didn't use it as it is fused at the fuse panel


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It does not take many shavings as often found in new water systems to stop the pumping action on these diaphram pumps. Do you have a trash filter on the inlet of your pump? New trailers often have assorted crud in the water system.


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yes, the inlet screen was checked and found to be clean both times. The electronic control panel was defective on the first pump and the second pump has the exact same symptoms as the first failure. I am considering purchasing a second pump to carry as a spare and I checked with Camping World in Measa Az today. They don"t have any 5.7 pumps in stock, and the salesman said he had 5 defective pumps on the shelf waiting for warranty consideration from shur-flo. Not a good sign. Now I am thinking there could be a bad batch of pumps out there.

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We had two 5.7 failures on our 2010 Augusta very early. Heartland and the Shur Flo were great. Because the pump was still under warranty Heartland shipped me replacements and I installed. The third pump has worked flawlessy ever since. I did add an accumulator tank, isolated/insulated the mounting points and now cannot hear the pump run if I am running water in the 5ver.
We have a 2010 cyclone 3950 and I just discovered that our water pump has failed for the third time. Each of the previous times the pump was replaced at no cost. Of course I had to install it but it is not much of a problem. Last time I thought that maybe some elbows were causing the problem and by trying to eliminate the elbows I got into a mess. It worked well until now and I have used it regulary since then. I like the pressure and flow but now I wonder if there is a problem with these pumps. The only thing that strikes me is that if it is turned on without any water draw for a period of time it just quits. The last one that failed I sent back to Shur-flo so that they could determine the problem. Have not heard anything back. Now I have another one to send in.


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Our 5.7 failed also in the 3rd month. Replaced on warranty and so far so good. Our last TT which we still have has had one that saw heavy use for 6 years with no problems. I put a 2.8 in that trailer and carry the old 5.7 in the clone for a spare. Like others have suggested, take some tme to clean up in those compartments and make the panels easier to access. Sooner or later you will need to get in there; neat, clean, and well organized is always easier to troubleshoot and repair. Plus, you will get a better idea of spare parts needed to carry. Nothing worse than not having an easily carried part when something breaks while dry camping,