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  • Butch

    Hope things are going well for both of you. John Dawson and I were talking about golf at the Jackson Rally and I remember you saying you know the Pro. Lets set something up. Can you contact John he not only wants to play this year but also wants to set something up for the MacKenzie National Rally ini 2010.

    John Dawson his number is 831 426-4711

    By the way what is the neame of that course, and are there others around thyat area.

    Thanks for your help
    I just added you guys to our list which amounts to two. It was great to meet you guys also. We had a great time and we plan on coming up to see you guys, but you can bet it won't be until spring. keep in touch.
    Butch and Stacy,
    It was so nice to meet you guys. We had such a good time. Wish we could have meet sooner. You guys will have to come up here. I think you should add me to your friend list!!!! hope to see you guys soon.
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