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I'm pleased to announce that we've started a new effort to create more detailed Owners Manuals and User Guides to augment the Heartland Manual that came with your trailer. While questions posted to the forum usually get helpful answers within a short time, we're hoping that by creating these guides, we'll be able to provide even better support to the community of Heartland owners.

Heartland has a very broad product line with a multitude of configurations. And of course, when the product line is viewed over a period of years, it's even broader. This makes it challenging to write any single manual or guide that covers even a single area of the trailers with 100% detailed completeness and accuracy. We're going use the accumulated experience of the Forum Moderators and other owners to provide the broadest coverage possible. And even if we don't get to 100%, being able to help 95 out of a 100 is better than helping 0 out of a 100. We encourage your feedback on each document so that over time we can get closer to 100%.

This is a voluntary effort by owners for owners, and it's largely an accumulation of the information that is already being shared on the forum. Many of you already contribute based on your experience, and we hope that some of you will be interested in helping to put together additional manuals and guides, either as authors, or as reviewers.

There's now a new folder in the Manuals section of the Forum, titled User Guides. The first guide, "Water Heater Usage Guide", and additional new manuals and guides will be posted there. We'll also create sticky threads in the specific areas of the forum, with links to the documents. As the first document is about Water Heaters, a sticky thread has been added to the Plumbing for all Heartland Brands / Water Heaters SubForum. Specific feedback on the Water Heater User Guide may be posted as a reply to that sticky thread, or via email to

General feedback on the overall effort should be posted as a reply to this thread.

If you're interested in contributing, please send me a PM, or email to


Dan Mayer, Moderator


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Dan, I am sure that all of the Heartland owners will appreciate all of the efforts made by the volunteers.


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HUG (Heartland User Guides) Notice

Have you wondered what that yellow notice is at the top of the forum screen? It's your HUG notice. HUG is short for Heartland Users Guides.

Click the X in the upper-right-hand corner of the yellow notice to clear the notice and not have it return.



Hello jbeletti,

We have a new section of the Heartland Owners Manuals (HOM) feature of our site. This new section is called Heartland Users Guides (HUG). We understand that having documentation written by technicians and engineers is a great starting point, but many of these personnel don't operate the gear in the field.

That's where HUG comes in. These guides are created FOR and BY Heartland Owners and have many learned tips and tricks which you won't know except by experience or them being shared by someone who has the experience.

So, please take a moment and go check out the HUG area. You can also get to it from the normal Heartland Owners Manuals (HOM) area, also from the 'Tools' drop-down menu in the top navigation bar of the site.

Know anything that's been missed in the HUG? Please feel free to contribute by emailing with your input. We'll work to get it incorporated so that others may benefit from your experiences!

The Heartland Owners Admins
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Re: HUG (Heartland User Guides) Notice

Thank you Dan and everyone that contributed to this effort. It will come in handy.


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Re: HUG (Heartland User Guides) Notice

This is really cool. I think everyone could use a HUG every once in a while.

Thanks for this cool new tool.