Discussion Thread for Roadside Assistance Program for Towmax STR tires


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Use this thread to discuss the "included" Roadside Assistance for Towmax STR tires.

Is the card for “Roadside Assistance Program for Towmax STR tires” included in the purchase package? The card in the attachment is numbered, is that a uniform number all Heartland RV tires? If it’s not how do Heartland RV owners acquire the appropriate number? </SPAN>


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I am not sure that I follow your question but there was a card in my package of papers that had an 800 number for Towmax. I called that number when my tire failed and they sent someone out to remove the tire and mount the spare. There was no cost to me (other than replacing all of the Towmax tires as soon as I got to a Discount Tire store).


Yes I know about that service. Some have not been so fortunate as you to get fast service. I did notice u replaced your tires which, I assume, still had good tread etc. Why, since the service was so good??


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Do a search on this site for Towmax tires. That should answer your question as to why I replaced them. Mine had about 3K miles at the time of the failure.

The "service" was the response of a tire/tow service truck that came out to change the blown tire that did $1800 worth of damage to my trailer.
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