Dometic Fridge - Check Light Issue - Dometic DM2652


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I have a 2019 Prowler Lynx 25LX with a Dometic DM2652 electric/gas refrigerator. I have noticed that when the camper is unhooked from shore power (ether at home or at a campground) the fridge’s “Check” light comes on every time it tries to switch to gas.

I initially thought this was happening when I de-winterized the camper, needing the propane to make its way through the lines. After using the camper on a shakedown trip, as well as unplugging it home (when mowing the lawn) this is still happening.

From some initial reading, people suggested that this “sometimes happens” and I just have to choose on/off and it should reset. After doing that every time this happens, the fridge appears to be working and I can hear it igniting. This does also happen when we get to the campground or plug back in at home, when going from gas back to electric, the check light comes on.

Reading though this issue on some other forums and internet pages, people have suggested to take the back plastic part off and look inside to see if there is something clogged in there, such as pollen, leaves, bugs…etc. I am not sure how to open the back of the fridge on the outside of the camper I assume the clips pull off, or I would need plyers for them?

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Possibly the controller board is bad and I should buy a new one? I am leaning towards that because the control board for my hot water heater (that does the electronic lighting) died last fall and I had to order a new one on Amazon. I know this is separate from the fridge, but figured I would mention it

Any feedback much appreciated.