DS320 City water connection


My wife and I just bought a new Heartland DS-320. This past weekend was our first weekend out at Vogel State Park in GA. One thing I noticed was that the city water connection and black tank flush are located right above the exterior shower on the back. The hose hangs down right over the shower and makes it a bit annoying to use the shower fixtures. Other than that we loved it!


We installed our hoses with 90 degree adapter. Our first weekend with our new 320 as well.

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same problem here on my new RE275, the water connection is above the shower, and when it drips, as it will from time to time, the water finds its way into the shower door somehow, and then floods the floor on the inside. the shower door needs some redesign to keep it from leaking as well. water drips from the top of the door, dribbles down toward the back of the plastic enclosure and then drips on the shower hose, and walks its way down the hose to the inside of the trailer. also the nut for the shower connection is on the inside side of the design, if the hose works loose, you are also flooding the inside of the trailer.