E3 Error Norcold fridge.


Anyone with the 12V DC Norcold refrigerator every had issues with the E3 error message? We bought a 2021 Heartland Trail Runner and the fridge is giving the E3 message and beeping intermittently 4 to 5 times in a 24 hour period. It’s staying cold like it should but supposedly it’s a low voltage or high voltage issue. I seen an article somewhere talking about that there’s been issues in the past where they used a to small of a gauge wire. Just curious if anyone else has experience this issue.


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You might want to wire in something like this temporarily to watch your refrigerator supply voltage:

Otherwise, it might be your main circuit board is intermittently incorrectly reading your incoming voltage. Better reverse engineered circuit boards are available from Dinosaur Electronics. You will need the Norcold model number, which should be on a sticker inside the refrig somewhere.