Edge M21 Customizing and Fixing


Weight saving (To stay below 3500 lb axle load):
These trailers do not need 2 propane bottles, with electric hot water heaters. I took one 20 lb. bottle off and replaced it with a 2 lb. bottle with an adapter, tied to a board. The Carefree / Fiamma awning swap was another weight saving.
Use light weight Drawtite equalizing bars and hitch designed for 4000 lb. trailers to save weight and strain.
I ordered the trailer with a 5[SUP]th[/SUP] aluminum wheel rather than the standard steel spare wheel. I do not want to change a wheel twice and it weighs less, even in the back of the van.
Three 1 gallon milk jugs are used in the bathroom for wash and toilet water during travel. No water is carried in the fresh water tank. 2 gallons of water is at the sink for home taste drinking and coffee water.
We bought several plastic hooks, towel rod, 2 towel rings, and toilet paper holder.

Stowing Stuff (Interior picture Edge M21 (also in Edge M21 photos):Edge 21 interior rear2.jpg
We use 4 plastic storage boxes for drawers above the queen bed (Fill in bedroom and out to trailer).
A whisk broom is stowed just inside the bathroom door with a clip on the wall. The bath drain stopper was replaced with a screen and rubber disk. I had stubbed my foot on drain stopper knob.
A 5 x 7 in. mirror was glued to the inside of the bath cabinet door to see the back of our heads and neck.
Ordered 3 long drawers like in the kitchen to fit in the bath cabinet after having ¼" cut off each end.
The right bathroom closet door knob hits the mirror of the medicine cabinet; a ¾ in.² rubber bumper on the edge of the door solves the problem.
When the first of the pair of bath lights was turned on, it was toward the bed and my eyes, over the top of the bath door. I turned the light 180º making the first light on near the cabinet.
A rug and towel set (squares) was bought and one towel was hung over a rod to cover the door window. We like darkness in the early morning. 2 more brown rugs for bath and bed area.
Installed 3 door catches in the slide out to hold the cabinet doors up while getting or stowing dishes.
The short queen bed mattress was lengthened by adding 3 swimming pool noodles tied one to another as a spacer at the front of the mattress under a 2 in. memory foam topper.
All 3 of the hanger rods were too low, shirts drag on the floor of the cabinet, and the rear closet rod was too close to the outside wall, tilting the hanger. I am repositioning all of them as high as possible. Added collapsible hanging shelves to the bathroom closet rod.
A TV table is mounted with a clasp by the door to be a table at rest stops and outside at the camp grounds. The fire extinguisher was moved to be more accessible and help hold the TV table and awning crank.
I moved the TV mount 5 in. to the left to see it better from the couch. I moved the couch out until its back touched the wall (it still unfolds down).
An outside / inside temperature and humidity gage is on the sink to show wife that the AC should be on.
To be able to easily drain the hot water heater after each trip, I replaced the hex head plastic plug with a brass hex socket pipe plug and Allen wrench that stores in the heater compartment.

The M21 is stored in my backyard with a full Classic storage cover and supplied with 110v. power and an electric heater to keep the trailer temperature above freezing for the wood glue and TV (The trailer seems to suck up humidity like a sponge in the summer). The electric heater is also used instead of the furnace on cool vacation nights.


I fixed the issues around the bed area by lifting the hanging rails by 3" and liftin the floor of the cupboard the same amount. I hinged the lid of the bedside table/shelf so in would hinge upward so I could easily get at things under the shelf. I also agree that the bed overhead cupboards should be about 3" higher to avoid banging heads and alleviate the claustrophic feeling.

It would be great to have a retractible blind above the slideout to stop the heat build-up. Likewise, it is hot in australia and the reefer needs a solar thermo fan and a bit of tinfoil moulded to force the air to go thru the top cooling fins. I take the outside upper air vent off in hot weather aid in circulation. The vent opening needs to be placed about 3" higher for maximum cooling effect. A word of caution regarding the freezer door hinges........both mine broke, so make sure the door is not bent down past horizontal and hold it in the middle.

I think the storage area outside the slideout could be scrapped and the couch moved to the ouside allowing room for a larger table. We turned the current table around and put the curved part towards the sink so we could squeeze past the person at the sink.

My awning track came away from the side of the van so I used a better sealant (sikaflex) and fatter screws to secure it back. I put the battery in the floor of the bathroom cupboard and moved the LP gas bottles back a bit on the drawbar to lessen the weight on the hitch. I think the sparewheel needs to be on the rear of the van for the same reasons. Also, the water tank could be moved rearward to the next chassis compartment..........I know many of you travel with no or little water in the tank to keep weight off the hitch. This would at least allow us to put more of other things in the front stage bay.


Regarding the outside storage in the slideout. Since it is there, we use it to stow a 10 gallon blue ox waste water container with wheels. It gets used in a state campgrounds with no water or sewage on site when we stay for more than a week. We also carry a 5 gallon fresh water jug to add to the fresh water tank after the initial full fill up has run out.

It is awsome that there are Edge trailers in Australia.


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I use the slide outside storage in my M18 to house the electrical cord, extensions, wheel chocks & other small exterior needs.