Electric Water Heater???


I thought I saw a reference (that I can't find now, of course) to the fact that North Trails have an electric water heater, instead of gas. Is this correct? The standards/options section of the website lists it as a DSI water heater, which implies gas.

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Ours on our 280BH runs off of propane. I thought that there was already a thread on this, but I did not find it.


All I have ever seen have a gas/electric water heater. This is what has been in both that I have owned. We run the one in our Landmark on electric most of the time but it works well on propane as well. Sometimes when we want a quick recovery we have turned on both gas and electric on our last trailer but have not found it necessary on the Landmark with 12 gallon water heater.



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Our 28BHS has a propane DSI water heater. Is there even an option for an electric/propane water heater in the North Trail units?

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Propane And Electric

My new 280BH north trail I just orded is supposed to come with both will run on propane or electric.
This was not an option is standard. only option I orded was a 15,000 but air conditioner.
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