Electrical grimlin in my 3400RE Bighorn


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The other morning we woke up to find we have no power to the TV, DVD or anything else (120V) in the rear (3400RE) entertainment systems..The 12V cabinet lights all worked. This outage was only with the TV, DVD, and all things in the rear wall where our TV and all other things (120V) I mentioned. I checked all fuses, breakers and power plug in's...found nothing tripped or blown,everything plugged in. Now, here is the really strange thing....every thing came on..TV and all other 120V items. This phenomenon didn't happen while I was fiddling with anything...it just came on. I would say the time span before coming back to life was about fifteen minutes.

It has not happened since, about four days. Have I stated that I hate electrical problems?

Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



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If you can find the junction box for that area, check that nothing's loose. You walking around might have jiggled it back into contact.


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Junction box is a good idea. Also find out all plugs on the circuit and if one of them does not lose power the next time then your lose connection might be there.


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Check all the "J" boxes under the slides and you might have some inside the slides. Maybe a loose wire nut. I had that happen at home...lost one leg of the 50-30 amp adapter.


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Thanks guys, I checked the "plug in's for all systems in the entertainment center, all OK. There was no loss of power to anything else in the trailer, microwave, RAC. I have a voltage meter in the trailer..all seemed well. I think that would eliminate the thought of loosing one leg and if I did would it reset itself??? It hasn't happened again in the last 24 hours..I just dunno. I will check the junction boxes under the slides...
Thanks again..I keep monitoring it...