Energy Management System

We have a 2020 Fuel 287 and I was wondering why it does not come with and energy management system. Has anyone out there installed an energy management system in their trailer? is this something that needs to be done at the factory level or can it be done aftermarket DIY ?


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Hi 2020,

If you're talking about the type of EMS that protects your electrical system from surges, low voltage, high voltage, open neutral, etc., that's pretty easy to add. You can purchase portable units that plug in at the pedestal, or in-line units that you can wire in to your incoming power.

If you're talking about the type of EMS that sheds power to 120V AC devices to manage power so you don't trip breakers, that's more difficult. On high-end rigs like Landmark 365 and Cyclone, Heartland uses the Precision Circuits System (PCS). To install that aftermarket, you'd have to purchase a new main circuit breaker panel, a PCS Controller, and have the controller programmed. I don't know if the components are available except to manufacturers.