EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Jackson - 9/19/2014 to 9/22/2014

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Hope all you Heartland RVer's remember about signing up for the Regional Rally in Sparks, Nv this July. This will be our first rally and hope to meet all of you in Sparks.


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Hi all Will and Mary we are looking forward to seeing you guys we will be up there on the 18th through the 20th see you soon........


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Kevin and Henny, Wow, thirty-four sign ups - that's great!!! One third of the park will be filled with Heartlanders!!! All the activities sounds like so much fun. We can't hardly wait. We are looking forward to seeing our friends from the south, the north, and to the east and meeting new friends. Thanks for all your hard work.

Kevin and Henny White

Past California-Central Chapter Leaders
Hello I have just posted on the 1st page of the forum giving address to send in money it is $30.00 dollars a night also i have put everyone on the list i hope I have not been able to look you up as i do not have your actual name so if you are not on list let me know please and also include your info. Sorry in advance.


Hello Kevin White,
We are interested in signing up for the Heartland Jackson Ralley. Please put us on the waiting list and notify us when an opening comes up.
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Looking forward to a great rally! We had a great California representation at the Oregon Rally, lots of good smelling California guys! LOL!! (thanks, Mark!) We look forward to seeing everybody in September. The check is in the mail.


Hello Kevin & Henny White,
We are brand new owners and members and interested in signing up for the Heartland Jackson Ralley. Please put us on the waiting list and let us know if an opening comes up. I can send you a check within 24 hours.!
Bruce & Shelly Corcoran
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Hey Bruce & Shelly, if you can't get in at Jackson or even if you can think about coming down to Temecula at the end of October. Bob and Patty have a great group signed up and there is still room for you.


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Due to rig problems, I did a cancellation with Hennie last week. This should have generated a vacant spot. I already paid my $60 advance check.


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Looks like you are going to have a big rally. Wish I was able to make it. I am still up in Custer State Park getting for the Buffalo Roundup.
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